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Waterfall for Homeland Security

Impenetrable Unidirectional Communication Systems for Secure Networks


Waterfall One-Way™ provides a secure core for unidirectional connectivity, incorporating several patent-pending
technologies. Waterfall’s core is based on a physically unidirectional link between a transmitting component (TX) and
a receiving component (RX).
A physical unidirectional connection is indifferent to softwaredefinitions and malicious codes. Moreover, as the connection provides tamper-proof physical separation, it protects the sensitive systems behind it from all types of online attacks.

Key Features

Security implemented in the physical layer
Unidirectional data transfer, no need for additional
logical security
Proprietary transfer protocol
Flexible, user-friendly control & monitoring capabilities
Built-in data inspection capability
Protection against electronic emissions between
connected networks
Built in, flexible customization capabilities
Easy, user-friendly, setup

The Waterfall Portfolio

WF-ISE (IP Surveillance Enabler)
An impenetrable, secure, real-time one-way transfer of video streams from field cameras and
remote locations into the central surveillance system.
IP-based video surveillance is becoming increasingly popular. However, the cameras are by nature
located outside the physical security perimeter, and can be used as hostile entry points into the IP
network, allowing hackers to sabotage the entire surveillance system and other networks using
the same IP infrastructure. Using Waterfall ISE for routing video streams from the surveilla ce
components into the network allows safely connecting the components to the central IT infrastructure.

WF-SME (SCADA Monitoring Enabler)
Enabling the secure, real-time, one-way transfer of data from Industrial Networks to
Business Networks in SCADA and similar Industrial Networks.
This solution provides the important capability of replicating SCADA data from the Industrial
Network into the Business Network, while ensuring the SCADA network remains completely secure.
WF-STE (Stream Transfer Enabler)
Enabling the secure, real-time, one-way transfer of streams, supporting a wide range of protocols and uses such as control data,SMS/paging, Message Queues and raw streams (TCP, UDP, RS232, and more). WF-STE transmits streams at true-wire speed and permits stream multiplexing.

WF-FTE (File Transfer En bler)
Enabling the secure, real-time, one-way transfer of files. This is in fact a flexible suite of solutions which can support a wide range of file transfer protocols. Our current applications are:

Waterfall for One-Way File Transfer
Enables the secure, one-way, real-time transfer of files in or
out of a secure network. Supports file & folder transfer; local &
network directories; a variety of file transfer protocols such as
FTP; easily adaptable to additional protocols.

Waterfall for secure E-mail Transfer
Enabling the secure, one-way, real-time transfer of E-mail in
or out of a secure network – a powerful application for a sensitive
network which requires E- mail connectivity.

Waterfall for Secure Software Updates
Enables software updates to be carried out automatically, in
real-time through the secure unidirectional connection.
Supports Norton AV & Microsoft WSUS, is easily adaptable to
support additional products.