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Currently in service  in many countries  throughout the world with Bomb Disposal Teams,

the EOD Bomb Disposal  Suit is a state-of-the-art garment specifically designed to give the highest level of protection  with the maximum comfort and flexibility to the user. The

ballistic levels and materials used in the various components of the EOD Bomb Disposal Suit are tested and evaluated to the full quality assurance  standard laid down by the appropriate Government organizations.

The EOD BOMB DISPOSAL SUIT Series II is currently in service in many countries throughout  the world with Bomb Disposal  Teams,  the EOD Bomb Disposal  Suit is a

state-of-the-art  garment specifically designed to give the highest level of protection with the maximum comfort and flexibility to the user.

The ballistic levels and materials used in the various components of the EOD Bomb Disposal Suit are tested and evaluated to the full quality assurance standards laid down by the appropriate Government organizations. We are proud to announce the introduction of our latest 2008 Model the Saviour 2008 Model.

The Saviour 2008 model EOD Bomb Suit is designed  to offer the maximum protection with the minimum weight making it one of the world’s most advanced high-performance cost-effective suits available. The suit is in service in countless  countries throughout the world and as such has proved itself operationally on numerous occasions. Our latest Saviour Generation suit aims to be the most comfortable and flexible suit available offering the highest levels of protection against  the blast threats:

• Overpressure

• Shock Waves

• Primary and Secondary  Fragmentation

• Displacement  Force

• Heat / Fire.

The latest material technology is used to keep the suit as flexible and as comfortable as possible whilst maintaining the highest levels of integrated protection all round the body. The suit can also be quickly donned without special assistance and incorporates a quick release  system for the rapid removal of the suit.

The new Saviour 2008 model EOD Bomb Suit uses  the latest  Aramid technology available  from Dupont which

offers the best flexibility to weight ratio without compromising the ballistic performance. Moreover, the helmet incorporates  the latest  Aramid technology and multi layer transparent  system which allows it to be one of the lightest and most comfortable EOD helmets on the market.

2008 model EOD Bomb Suit  Design

EOD BOMB Suit to 2007                                             EOD BOMB Suit from June 2008

SAVIOUR 2008 Model

Trousers   The  trousers   have   fully  adjustable   supporting   braces   and  wide  Velcro waistband catering for small, medium and large sizes. At the rear of the legs a full-length zip is used or Velcro .

The zips offer the option of two widths, depending on the circumference of the operators legs.

The overshoes are worn over the protective flap on the bottom of the trouser.

These are a one piece design and have the appearance of an ordinary pair of trousers with the addition of elasticated shoulder bracers to give the necessary movement when bending and crouching. They also include a fully adjustable waist line and have complete lower  groin  protection  and  a  high  waist  line  to  protect  from  any  blast  that  might  be transmitted  from  the ground  upwards.  They  also  include  a lower  ‘Cricket  Pad’  design which gives superior knee joint flexibility and are covered with additional layers of Nomex or Kermel fabric to stop wear through the knee areas.


*Ballistic inserts made from multi-layered water-repellent Aramid.

*Outer cover – Nomex ® 111 A Comfort or Kermel ®

*Colors – OD Military green ,Navy Blue, Desert Tan

*Weight – 15kg

Jacket Collar and Groin Protector

The Jacket is a long sleeved side opening design filled with flexible Kevlar ™ ballistic panels. Provision is made on the front for the attachment of the rigid throat, chest and groin blast plates by means of buckles, webbing waist strap and Velcro ™ on the collar. The  high  collar  provides  overlap  protection  to  the  helmet  and  visor.  collar  and  groin protector are all permanently fixed together enabling the garment to be quickly and simply donned and adjusted at the side for the optimum fit. The groin plate and inner groin armor are constructed to allow them to bend upwards when the operator bends down or kneels. The garment incorporates a quick release system by the use of the quick-release straps attached to the side and shoulder of the smock and quick release zips on the trousers (if this  option  is  chosen  by customer  as  opposed  to Velcro  closures)  simply  pulling  two toggles in the front of the smock allowing the operative operator to remove the smock immediately.

The Jacket has been designed to offer optimum comfort and flexibility and offers a multitude of features:

• Special soft Aramid technology

• Easy donning

• Fully adjustable side fastenings

• Quick release mechanism for rapid removal

• Spinal protector

• Blast plates covering the chest and groin area

• Separate inner groin armour for improved flexibility when kneeling

• Utility pockets

• Nomex Delta T or Kermel flame resistant outer cover

Blast Plates Chest and Groin

In the front of the jacket is the chest and a groin blast plate which has the effect of enhancing the V50 to 1600 m/sec.

Moreover these blast plates have a built in acoustic decoupling system to protect ones

lungs and internal organs. They are clipped on to the front of the suit.

*Armored steel and layered aramid. Type 2 V50 1600 (m/s)

ine Protector

Spinal Protector

The bomb suit has a spinal protector as standard equipment which is worn independently and was originally developed for the motorcycle racing industry . The spinal protector is CE Approved.

Sleeves The sleeves are fixed to the shoulders on the jacket and allow greater rotation of the arm around  the  shoulder  joint  .Removable  Kevlar  ™  ballistic  inserts  give  the  necessary protection to the wearer


The overboots are designed to be worn over normal type military boots and are fastened around the ankle and underneath the arch of the boot.

Carrying Bag

All bomb suits come with a large carrying bag within which is the complete suit, blast plates,

helmet, spinal protector and room for other small accessories. The cooling vest has its own

carrying container.

Ballistic Helmet, Visor, Demister

The bomb helmet incorporates the latest materials technology and molding techniques to provide a helmet that is not only ballistically superior but also shaped to fit the wearer’s head. It is also designed to fully integrate within the collar of the suit without impeding the lateral and rotational movement of the head.


• Advanced Aramid molding technology

•  Multi  impact   laminated   visor   -  Anti  ballistic   visor  made   from  hardened   acrylic polycarbonate laminate.

• Built in demister to stopping fogging and allow cool air onto the face

• Shock absorbing foam liner

• Internal sweat management comfort fabrics

• Removable visor to allow for greater comfort before and after operations

• Aramid neck skirt to offer even greater neck protection

• Molded chin cup

*Suspension harness – webbing and ballistic nylon.

*Flashlight: A bracket and small flashlight is provided on the front of the helmet which is self powered .

The helmet is based upon a motor cycle ‘Jet’ style helmet and fully covers over the ears and with the neck protector continues down around the upper neck. It has a removable visor mounted on two side pivots with locking pins on each side to secure it in position.

When it is closed it is sealed to the helmet to stop blast and dust particles entering the helmet and around the operator’s eyes. The visor is constructed from a laminate of polycarbonate and acrylic which not only gives it a good multi hit capability but also excellent ballistic performance. Optical Transmission 90 %

At the back of the helmet there is the fan connector intake housing which blows a cool stream of air round the inside of the helmet and onto the wearer’s face ensuring that the visor  does  not  steam  up.  This  is  powered  by  its  own  battery  source  built  in  to  the respirator . All power sources are rapidly rechargeable.

Air Flow: 160 Lt air/min

Duration: 4 hours

The  EOD  helmet  is  made  from  a sandwich  construction  system  developed  by and unique to the company and is fully adjustable by means of the three-point suspension. Incorporated in the helmet is the a communication  set consisting of an integral speaker and  microphone.  Also  incorporated  in  the  helmet  is  an  Air  Ventilation  system,  which directs the flow of forced fresh air over the top of the helmet liner, across the visor and down over the operator’s face ensuring efficient demisting and clear view. This system can be used in conjunction with a Filter/Canister configuration. The visor is removable.


Ventilation  and  Demisting:  Low  Profile  Powered  Air  Filtration  System.  This  system  is attached to the bomb suit and controlled via a switch. This system then forces air up the heavy duty breathing tube directly in to the helmet over the top of the head and on to the visor. The heavy duty tube will be covered in cloth and secured . In addition, as standard equipment ,this system offers particulate filtration, something that the series II suit only offers if a decision was made to fit a filter/canister. The Air Filtration System is lightweight at  only  1.5kg  and  is  rechargeable.  The  new  style  helmet  we  are  offering  has  been supplied in large quantities over the years to many countries around the world so it is a proven piece of equipment. Our new style helmet is a slightly lower profile than the series II helmet which is better for vehicle search and other EOD operations.


Protection Performance:

Helmet 680 m/s Stanag 17 grain (1.1) fragment simulator and visor 680m/s.

Hardwire and communication system



The helmet has a built in speaker and microphone which are connected to a controller mounted  on the lower  RH front  of the smock.  An external  socket  is provided  on the controller for connection to a wireless or hardwire system. The hardwire communications system  is  designed  specifically  for  EOD  teams  using  EOD  bomb  disposal  suits.  The system provides communication between the bomb disposal operator and his back up at the base station. This is via 100m of cable mounted on a reel

The optional Hardwire duplex communications is supplied with the base station, headset, and 100m wire on a reel. The wire plugs into the side of the controller on the front of the smock.

If two way radios are to be used the same socket is used. However the type and make of the radio must be specified so the correct interface can be assured. There is a switch on the side of the controller to change between hardwire or wireless.

The   controller   on   the   EOD   suit   has   three   controls,   one   for   volume   control   of communications between the EOD technician and the base station. The second controls the ambient sound* volume and the third control button, which is on the top of the air pump controls the air blower.

The controller  is supplied as part of the EOD suit therefore  all systems  come with an ambient sound facility.

The base station for the Duplex Hardwire system contains a battery which will power the communications in the EOD suit .

*Ambient  Sound  Feature:  An  external  microphone  is  mounted  on  the  outside  of  the helmet and a speaker in the helmet on the LH side enabling the operator to hear noises in his environment. This has an automatic high decibel cut out. This facility is controlled with an ON/OFF switch and volume control accessible to the operator .

Power Supply: Powered Air Purification System – Supplied with own self contained in built rechargeable battery and compact charger. Ambient Sound – 9v standard battery

Hard Wired Communications – supplied with own power supply.

The suit consists of the following separate items, which collectively make the complete EOD suit.


Item                Description

1. Trousers with Elasticated Braces  – adjustable in length and width with quick release zips or Velcro on legs.

2. Smock (Jacket) with attached collar &  Groin Protector

3. Sleeves

4. Overboots / Overshoes

5. Hand protectors /Protective Gloves

6. Blast plates covering Chest & Groin

7. Throat blast plate

8. Spinal Protector

9.Ballistic Helmet, Visor, Demister & Helmet mounted Light

Integral speaker, ambient sound and microphone in helmet

10. Carry Bags .

Smock carry bag with spine protector.

Trouser carry bag with blast plates and overshoes. Transit bag for smock and trouser bags.

Carry case for helmet,

Headlamp charger and fitting instructions with the respirator pump.

Protection performance figures are for the Stanag 2920 17 grain (1.1gm)

(Mil Std 662) fragment simulator. Also conforms to Mil Std 1472 re fitting and sizing

Saviour 2008 model EOD Bomb Suit V50 RATINGS

Trauma Reduction:

Up Armour Blast Plates have a double layered backing of a resilient, closed cell, linear foam which has a comprehensive modulus of 4350 psi (astm d 1621).The collar chest groin and front of the legs have built in anti trauma inserts.

suit controls
Back view of  EOD trousers showing quick release zippers.

Saviour 2008 model EOD Bomb Suit   sizes and weights in Kgs

                                                                    small      medium         large           xlarge

Smock                                                          7.4                 8.8                 10.2               12.2

Trousers                                                     6.5                6.9                7.05             10.6

Smock, trousers                                     13.9                15.7              17.25           22.8

Spine protector                                          0.8                 0.8                 0.8                0.8

Smock, trousers, spine protector      14.7              16.5              18.05           23.6

Blast plates                                                4.85                4.85            4.85           5.87

Smock, trousers, spine protector,   19.55           21.35             22.9            29.47

& blast plates

Power pack                                                 2.3                 2.3                2.3                  2.3

Smock, trousers, spine protector,    21.85           23.65            25.20            31.77 blast plates, power pack

Helmet                                                           3.20              3.20             3.20              3.20

Total smock, trousers, spine protector,

blast plates, power pack, helmet          25.05              26.85          28.40            34.97

 Cooling Suit OPTION:


The  Cooling Suit is designed to offer a safe and cool environment for people who must maintain a high level of efficiency and concentration under extreme heat. The suit can be worn with commercially available equipment. Pockets to accommodate the power pack, controls and ice reservoir can be provided at no extra cost on the back of the suit.

The system is ideally suited for persons involved in bomb disposal and surveillance operations,  as  well  as  personnel  in  non-air-conditioned  armored  vehicles.  The  Kejo Cooling System uses ice water to remove body heat produced during strenuous  work, especially  in hot environments.  The suit requires no hazardous  pressurized  canister or toxic  cooling  agents.  Made  from  machine  washable,  fire  retardant  Kermel,  the  Kejo Cooling Suit also offers protection against heat and flash fire balls. Testing of the suit on the effects of over-pressure, fragmentation, ballistics, body impact and heat have shown this suit is suitable for use under bomb suits, chemical suits and many other applications where body heat removal is desirable. The kit includes a long-sleeved shirt with cooling on trunk and arms, long legged pants with cooling on legs, a close fitting open faced hood for head, a cooling unit and pouch, two water bottles, battery pack and carrying bag.


Heat Removal Rate: 270 watts (full suit) Endurance min. 45 min at 35 ° C (95 °F) Cooling Unit:

Control: On/Off Variable speed

Pump: 12V

Cold Source:  Water circulating over ice

Power: Connected directly to the EOD 12V power supply..


Suit: 1.0 kg

Cooling Unit Dry: 0.5kg

Ice : 1.2kg Water: 0.7kg Material:

Garment: Kermel stretch knit fabric, flame retardant.


Small: 150-175 cm; 40-75 kg

Medium: 170-185 cm; 70-90 kg

Large: 175-193 cm; 85-110 kg

Compatibility: Worn next to skin under any clothing

Cooling unit can attach securely  to bomb suit via Velcro, strap and buckle

Second water/ice bottle supplied for stand-by


Optional Accessories

1. Cooling Vest

2. Land Line Communications

3. Radio Communications

Optional Extras:

4. Recording/ Transmitting Helmet Mounted Video

5 Optional custom designed steel storage box.

6. Chemical Agent Suit

7. Mine Protective Boots

8. Wireless: Two way hand held radios (two) VHF/UHF as specified by the customer.

9. Hardwire: 100m range. A base station is provided with speaker, microphone, headset and  tape  outlet.   Slipring  facility  enables  communications  to  be maintained  whilst  the “hard wire” is being deployed. A control amplifier is provided with speaker, microphone and tape outlet. Hardwire with Slip ring facility

10.Video  Camera:  A bracket can be provided on the helmet for a small video camera powered  from the 12v power pack. Transmission  of data can be either by wireless or hardwire.

Displacement Forces

Once the fragments and the Blast Wave have been discharged there is a massive displacement of air around the device in a spherical expansion, which will cause objects to be flung through the air. One of which, will be the EOD operative. The effects of being hurled through the air are numerous and depend largely on the stance of the operator at the time, the drag on the different

human parts, and the position of other objects around the operative. To combat physical injury caused by low velocity impact onto other objects the helmet is fitted with special shock absorbing materials and the spine is protected by the spinal protector,

worn inside the back of the suit. Moreover, the damper incorporated in the blast plates

also protects from low velocity forward impacts.  To minimize  traumatic  amputation  the suits as are well fitting to reduce drag and also to hold the limbs attached to the body after the bones might have fractured within. Medically, if this can be achieved the possibility of saving the limb is greatly increased.




Protection from Heat & Fire

It is difficult to quantify this threat as it depends upon the explosive material used and if incendiary material was deliberately incorporated  within the device. However, during all explosions there is a flash which causes high temperature dust particles to be generated. This flash is normally short lived and therefore thermal conduction  is not such a large problem as is the flammability and the effects of the high temperature dust particles to sensitive organs such as the eyes.

To combat this the suit is not only intrinsically flame resistant as it is made from Aramid which has a decomposition

temperature of 450 Deg C but is also covered in Nomex Delta T fabric which is the latest generation fabric from Dupont.

The Helmet design and visor configuration also offers excellent protection to the eyes and face from the high temperature dust particles. Special Aramid gloves are available as an extra which will also protect the operators hands when worn.

Comparison between  Saviour 2008 model EOD Bomb Suit with Med-Eng EOD 8.

Shipping Dims and weights:

The complete EOD suit with all the paraphernalia helmet, hardwire systems etc are packed in 3 cartons


Suit: One Carton 85lbs.  39.5″ x 20.5″ x 12″

Helmet and protective Box: One Carton 37lbs.  24″ x 15″ x 14.5″ Hardwire: One Carton 21 lbs.  17″ x 18″ x 15″

Volume 55,5

Total weight 143 lbs / 65kg of all the above

Cooling Suit: One Carton 9lbs. 12.5″ x 17.5″ x 12″

Thank you