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According to the research of IEC TS 60479-1 from International Electro-technical Commission,
DC power is much safer than AC power to human and animal body.
Integrates dedicated digital Cam Recorder with or without Laser pointer and powerful LED light
featuring illumination (over 100M) / aiming / giddying purposes.
The unique & powerful multi-functional non-lethal weapon.


Probe cartridge (3.5M) (yellow)
Fire out two probes up to a distance at 3.5/6M to transmits DC or AC energy toincapacitate the target immediately.

Pepper powder cartridge (purple)
Fire to spray out pepper powder directly tocause the targets tear-dropping and failureto open eyes and coughing, effective range
to around 3 ~ 5M.

Pepper bullet cartridge (red)
Fire out a plastic bullet with pepper powder contents to hit the target and then crack to
spray out the pepper powder to cause tear-dropping and failure to open eyes and
coughing, effective range to around 12 ~15M.


Key features:
integrated Cam Recorder, Laser pointer and powerful LED light, allowing A/V recording, illuminating, aiming & dazing target. Support 6 different purposes cartridges.

Specially designed DC high voltage with low current output, which is much safer than traditional AC high voltage which may cause Ventricular Fibrillation to human body or other unexpected dangerous situations.
Providing powerful spark and crackling sound to psychologically threaten the invader.

Safety plug-pin with wrist strap for anti-snatch or unauthorized usage.
Construct of robust carbon compositematerial.

Easy to operate/usage, no need any complex set-up procedure, only simple training will be enough


Rubber bullet cartridge (black)
Fire out a plastic bullet with rubber ball inside to hit the target to cause painful,
effective range to around 12 ~ 15M.

SOS signal bullet cartridge (white)
Fire out a plastic bullet with flame ball contents to sky for SOS, effective range up
to 100M high. Extension stick


12Belt/leg dual holster





13Standard package:
(1). Raysun X-1 stun gun body(include
camcorder + laser pointer + LED light)
(2). Probe cartridge (6M) x 3
(3). Pepper bullet cartridge x 1
(4). Pepper powder cartridge x 1
(5). Charger
(6). Safety plug-pin with wrist strap
(7). Belt/leg dual holster
(8). Carrying bag
(9). Operation manual and training/practice


Cartridge chamber
Power switch
Light switch
Socket of safety plug-in strap and charger
Low power indicator (red)
Power ON indicator (green)
Backup cartridge chamber
Digital camcorder with laser pointer
LED light
Cartridge chamber


15Safety Test Reports and Certifications:
Test report of output Voltage, Current and Projectile
Lethality with the Certification of safety to normal
human body by:
(1). Center for Measurement Standards of Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan,
(2). National Taiwan Technology University
(3). Electronic Testing Center, Taiwan


16Powerful LED Light


High performance Video/Audio Evidence

Key features:
A dedicated high performance 「Digital A/V record+Laser pointer」 and 「powerful LED
light」integrated with X-1 multi-functional stun gun for recording high resolution video with
clear audio as the best evidence at day/night.
Support micro SD HC memory card up to 16G.
System will create a storage file automatically every three minutes to avoid data damage
by accident.
Circulated recording function.
Come with USB port for data transmission to PC.
No external charger needed, power can be recharged directly from X-1, featuring low
power indication.
Solid compact construction, against high voltage electromagnetic interference


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