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Sniper detector specification

Technical specifications

Sensor device

Overview               sniper detector is miniature system design to locate gunshot as they happened. Device is
design for urban area conditions.

Functionality              • Gunshot identification
• Sniper direction find
Dimensions                  • Scream identification
Range                               10cm x 10cm x 3cm
Mounting                       300m
Network interface      Upper arm mount
Power Supply               100 Base-T Ethernet RJ-45
Environment                5V DC 200mA
Temperature: Min. -35o C – Max. +55o C.


Server Management
control software

Device control                 • Device DSP firmware update
• IP parameter setting (address, port etc.)
• High quality sound recording capabilities
• Parameter adjustments
• Group update/programming
• Mode selection
• License control


Server control                • Keep alive
• Gunshot event notification
• Standard C4 interface
• Simultaneous support of 16 devices
• Email notification
• Logging report