Ballistics – Ballistic Wall Covering

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1) After an explosion occurs from a missile or terrorist act, there is a rapid
release if energy. Apart from heat and sound there are also shock waves which spread outwards at supersonic velocities, exerting pressures on all surfaces they encounter, causing building walls to collapse and fragmentize and turning the fragments of concrete and brick into lethal projectiles.
It is an established fact that nearly all injuries and fatalities caused by nearby explosions, were from flying fragments.

2) A solution to protecting the interior from the blast effect and resultant casualties is to cover the walls and ceiling with the Achidatex “Ballistic Wall Covering”, a hybrid composite fabric with unique ballistic properties.
This textile technology is based on an exclusive spinning and weaving process developed by Achidatex.
After a blast occurs the applied ballistic wall covering fabric stretches under the impact, distributing the stresses caused and catches and prevents the concrete and brick fragments from penetrating into the building interior.

3) * The easiest system to install and maintain
* Does not require special equipment
* Does not require skilled operatives
* Flexibility that follows completely the contour shape of any
existing structure
* Environmentally friendly
* Can be decorated and painted with commercially available paints
* It is not impervious, it breaths and keeps the atmosphere within a
room in a normal environmental condition.
* It is fire resistance and anti fungus treated

4) Over the years various blast tests and demonstrations have been carried out on the Achidatex Ballistic Wall Covering bonded to masonry walls and ceilings, including a direct

hit on a roof of a building of a mortar and “Kassam” shell.

The tests were carried out by:
IDF and Civil Defence Command in Israel and Quantico Marine Base in the U.S.A.

The findings of all the tests and demonstrations unequivocally was:
The bonding of the Ballistic Wall Covering onto walls and ceilings prevents the structure fragmenting and stops projectiles penetrating into the interior part of the building, lessoning drastically personal injury.