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Ballistic, Blast, Forced Entry and Fire Protection in Buildings with the Laminated E- Glass Panels


The Laminated E- Glass Panels are an excellent solution for protecting buildings against ballistic, blast, forced entry and fire threats.

 The Laminated E- Glass Panels is currently the best cost effective solution for protective infrastructure construction. E-glass panels can be used to cover walls, doors, desks or any place protection is required.

The Laminated E- Glass Panels can be fitted into steel frames just like standard drywall panels. E-glass panels are lightweight, thus easily carried. E-glass panels are easily cut, drilled, sanded, painted, textured using ordinary tools and are compatible with other wood or gypsum materials.

The Laminated E- Glass Panels are useful in prefabricated constructions such as mobile homes and are effectively implemented as protective partitions in reinforced office cubicles.


  • Cost effective
  • Easily handled and processed
  • Ballistic resistance (EN 1522 FB-4, and higher)
  • Durable and impact resistant
  • lightweight (compared to steel)
  • up to 1 hour fire rating
  • Good chemical resistance, limits surface corrosion
  • Provides additional electrical insulation


  • Military structures
  • Police stations
  • Courtrooms
  • Critical control rooms
  • Safe rooms
  • Banks
  • Cash boxes
  • Jewelry Stores



E-Glass Panels Specifications


Model Thickness (mm) Max. Panel Dimensions (mm) Weight kg/m2 Ballistic Rating(EN 1522) Ammunition Type Forced Entry Rating (minutes)
ACD-125 12.5

1270 x 2400



0.44 Mag

ACD-160 16 30 15

E-glass composite panels’ offer advanced ballistic resistance at only 75% of the weight of an equivalent anti-ballistic steel panel.

E-glass fibers are interwoven and pressed with a unique resin method, with each layer perpendicular to the previous and reinforced with resin which provides the panels with exceptional strength and durability.

The protective ballistic grade E-Glass panels are designed to be used for both internal and external applications and can be easily integrated into standard building plans to provide concealed ballistic, blast and forced entry protection.

The E-glass surface finish is smooth and supplied in a light green color. E-glass panels can be primed and painted, or covered by drywall or other materials to match customer requirements.