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Perimeter Site Protection

Make DFTSPRO Your First Line of Defense
The point of entry to a secure area for any intruder is the perimeter. Keep this
protected, and the valuable assets within your premises are equally secure.
There are numerous examples of high-profile sites and critical infrastructure that
require comprehensive protection around the clock:
• Homeland Security Infrastructure • Government Agencies
• Petro-Chemical Sites • Nuclear Facilities
• Utilities and Power Generation sites • Communication Centres
• Water Facilities • Company Headquarters
• Military and Defense Installations • Prisons
• Factories and Warehouses • Auto Dealers
• Airports
In each instance, detecting unauthorised persons entering or exiting a site is
essential, no matter what the application or the environment. But protecting specific
areas within a site – ‘perimeters within perimeters’ – is also critical, and protecting
high-value plant and equipment requires solutions that extend beyond the first line
of defense, into the very heart of the installation.


High detection probability in a wide
variety of scenarios

Low likelihood of nuisance alarms

Standard interfaces for simple

Easily expandable through scalable

Modular design easily adapts into
any third-party security system

Proven performance even in the
most demanding environments

Tamper detection for secure

High-performance PIR models
available for harsh environments

Remote configuration and
management for low TCO

DFTSPRO Solutions

The DFTSPRO perimeter portfolio includes:
• DFTSPRO Presidium – Intelligent CCTV-based Intrusion Detection System
• DFTSPRO PRO Series – High-performance Passive Infrared Detectors
DFTSPRO has a long history in protecting high-security sites and has evolved
the DFTSPRO line of detectors to ensure ease of set up and operation,
without compromising on detection performance

Intelligent Intrusion Detection Technology
The DFTSPRO Presidium is an intelligent video system that gives the highest
likelihood of detecting intruders under a wide range of outdoor conditions with
minimal nuisance alarm rates. Detection can be tailored for specific applications
based on the level of perceived threat, with uncompromised performance during
periods of scene change.
The DFTSPRO Presidium also features automatic scene learning and intelligent
algorithms to dramatically reduce nuisance alarm rates caused by small animals,
trees and their shadows, car headlights and adverse weather conditions such as
snow, heavy wind or rain and cloud shadows – typical problems experienced in
external perimeter applications

High-Performance Passive Infra-Red Detectors
The DFTSPRO PRO Series are highly reliable, standalone passive infra-red
detectors designed for outdoor protection. DFTSPRO PRO detectors detect
human targets up to 150 metres away by sensing temperature differences
between the targets and the background. Due to the passive operation of the unit,
the area being protected cannot be identified by the intruder, and the detectors
are reliable in difficult conditions, including low visibility, snow or fog.
DFTSPRO detectors automatically adjust performance to suit the current
conditions and include the following powerful nuisance alarm rejection
• Superior digital signal processing to reduce or eliminate nuisance alarms
caused by moving vegetation, small animals and sudden environmental
• Automatic temperature compensation to assure optimal detection probability
during varying local conditions
• Mirrored optics for very clear lines of detection
• Ruggedised models for harsh locations include a heater for cold environments
and silicon wafer front window


The DFTSPRO line of detectors are available in a variety of models,
including gap-free long and medium range full curtains and various medium
to wide angle area patterns. All detectors feature remote diagnostics
and configuration for fast and effective troubleshooting and
All detectors are contained within a weather-proof housing and protected
against dust and moisture to ensure reliable operation.

Maximising Technology Potential
For a complete remote monitoring solution, DFTSPRO Presidium and the
DFTSPRO PRO series can be seamlessly integrated with the
DFTSPRO FastTrace multi-site security and remote video and audio
transmission (DFTSPRO FastTx) systems and DFTSPRO VideoCentral
Gold, providing real-time proactive alerts to a central monitoring station.

Perimeter and Integral Protection

D e s c r i p t i o n

Introduction 
Perimeter security systems 
Leak detection systems for pipelines
Video management system 
Video analytic system 
Thermal Imaging 
Omni directional observation mini-robots

I n t r o d u c t i o n

Our partner has founded an advanced development center of innovation, which has developed and certified several
unique security systems.
We work in partnership with top security experts and technology providers worldwide in order to provide a full turnkey solution

For all perimeter protection barrier means company provides 20years

Perimeter Security System T
Perimeter system

Intruder detection not less than 99,5 %
Absence of false alarms
Weather monitoring station, compensation for interference caused by weather effect
Built-in microclimate control system
High level of provided information 
Does not require seasonal adjustment 
Built-in standby power supply unit 

Operation on various types of fence
Remote control
Protection against lightning discharge
High level of provided information
Minimal service requirements
Warranty period for 10 years

O i l & G a s l e a k d e t e c t i o n s y s t e m
Pipe- C o n t ro l

PIPE- C o n t ro l
O i l & G a s l e a k d e t e c t i o n s y s t e m

Pipe-Control®is modern and effective pipeline wave leakdetection system
(LDS) for oil/gas/energy enterprises and organizations and is based on the principle of
detection and identification of pressure waves that occur in pipelines during leaks.

These pressure waves are analyzed by controllers and passmultiple levels of
special algorithms.


Detection theft of oil, refined oil products, natural gas and etc. 

Detection of leaks in gas and liquid pipelines that occur due to physical wear and corros ion. 

Detection of product’s leaks due to technological disasters, landslides and seismic ac tivity. 

Prevention of possible technological and formation of ecological disasters due to leakage of large quantities of product.

Detection of unauthorized taps into the pipelines 

Ability to automatically activate cut-off valves and isolate damaged sections of pipeline in the event of leak detection. 

Control of integrity of pipelines located above and under ground, as well as sub sea pipelines. 

Reliable operation and precise readings in a wide range of climates (temperatures 40ºC- +85ºC.


Leak declarations are made by the central controller if the event information is received from at least
two relevant local controllers and if the event’s location is within an the protected section of pipeline. 

When a leak is detected the central computer’s customizable HMI and SCADA software
shows the location of the leak on a geographical map, as well as its coordinate, time
and the date

V i d e o M a n a g e m e n t S y s t e m

In the modern world video management systems are an
integral part of security systems.  

Today in the market there are tens software programs for
management of video information.  

Our company has decided to change the approach to video
surveillance systems and has decided to create something new,
cardinally distinct from everything that is available in the market.

While creating our system we were guided by several principles:


New generation of software intended formanagement of networked security video
systems and maintenance of large scale video archives.

An innovative approach, a new level
offunctionality and convenience.

The simple and intuitive user interface.
Scalable 2.5D maps with dynamic live channels.

Virtual patrol

V i d e o A n a l y t i c s S y s t e m

Nowadays there plenty of video Analytic systems, but the basic

Our solution MATRIX is based on the hardware where each video
Channel is processed by the separate processor block (DSP).


Th e r m a l   i m a g i n g   s o l u t i o n s









Perimeter and Security Systems



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