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Cell Towers Protection

Protecting Cellular Infrastructure Sites

Cellular phone infrastructure sites, often found in remote areas are extremely
vulnerable to the theft of high value equipment. In addition the cellular phone
provider loses revenue caused by the disruption of service.
The sensor provides a versatile, highly reliable and cost effective security solution.

The electronic sensor has no moving parts and can be installed on ANY element or
part of the cellular infrastructure:

The only available solution for solid walls, ladders, doors, windows,
generators as well as the perimeter wall or fence.
Each sensor has a unique ID providing fast, accurate and pinpoint alarm indications.
The sensitivity of each sensor can be adjusted according to the element on which it is installed.
Separate sensor sensitivity adjustment and detection possible on both X and Y axes.
One detection system protecting the site perimeter as well as specific elements inside the protected site.
Sensor designed for use in extreme outdoor conditions.

Multifunction sensor

System Features
advanced intrusion detection system used in a wide
variety of integrated INDOOR-OUTDOOR security
The sensor is an electronic sensor with no moving parts
that has been designed to detect changes in movement
or vibrations caused by attempts to cut, break or
remove elements in the protected site.
EACH sensor will provide an independent alarm
indication from the element on which it is installed.
ONE integrated system protects all the elements in the
protected site with one continuous line of Sensors.
There is no need to install other detection systems on site.
The status of each individual electronic sensor is
monitored electronically and analyzed by the Zone
Processor Unit. The system detects changes in the status
of individual sensors providing an accurate and reliable
alarm detection capability.

System Installation & Integration

Settings Manager Application is used to program and
set-up the system. The sensitivity of each
individual V-Alert sensor can be adjusted.
Alarm indications from the zone processor unit
are integrated with Alarm Panels, GSM Dialers or
any other available communication system or
Dry-contact relay outputs enable integration with
other communication equipment.

Protected Elements
Antenna Post
Copper cables
Doors and entrances
Electronic Equipment

2 lines of up to 50 sensors each line connected to one
Processor Card

Relay Card with 10 Relay Outputs

Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C

20% – 95% condensing

Enclosure and Cable
Weather proof epoxy enclosure
Outdoor Cable – UV resistant

Input Voltage
12-30V DC

The Sensor technology is continually being upgraded and
updated. We reserves the right to make changes to the technology and
specifications of the system in order to equal or improve the system’s