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Bomb blanket 610m/s 150 x 150cm

Upper Body Protector consists of two parts. The upper body and Shoulder.

Technical Specification

The bomb blanket is designed to protect property and personnel from the blast and fragmentation occurring when an IED is set off. It may also be used as a ballistic blanket in certain vehicle applications. The blanket itself is manufactured from a Nylon outer cover, which offers a water proof protective layer to the Aramid layers inside.
1. Please seek advice from qualified EOD operators before using this blanket. Each situation will dictate different procedures to be used.
2. Use the blanket as a shield when dealing with any IED. Special carrying straps and handles are designed so that the blanket can be held as a protective cover to shield the operator from any suspicious object.
3. Place the blanket over the object, trying to ensure that the object is as close to the centre of the blanket as possible. Should the situation dictate it the more blankets may be placed on top of the original to offer more protection
4. Await the arrival of EOD operators, once the blanket has been placed in position. Attempts to remove a bomb blanket should only be carried out by trained EOD operators.
5. Once removed the Bomb Blanket can be put back in its carrying bag for further use.

General maintenance

General cleaning of the outside cover should be done with warm soapy water. Most general household washing up liquids will be sufficient for cleaning. Ensure that the cover is fully dried before placing the bomb blanket back in its carrying bag. Should the outer cover be damaged in any way the bomb blanket will not work effectively and should be either destroyed or returned to the manufacture for recovering and recertification. Under normal operating conditions our blankets will have a shelf life of 5 years. The warranty on the ballistic performance is set by materials within the blanket itself and this is currently 5 years from date of manufacture. Weight Blanket 14,5kg / Ring 0,75kg V50 500m/s according to STANAG 2920