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Core Competencies


•Designing protective solutions for building infrastructure and personal military use.


•Developing protective systems that cope with future large-scale threats.


•Live-testing, full-scale blast & ballistic testing programs.


•Advanced, patent registered technologies .


•Engineering, manufacturing & project management capabilities and services.


•33 years with an impeccable track record of thousands of projects meeting strict blast and ballistic requirements.Our Main Markets •Embassies

•Government and federal buildings
•Public buildings and commercial centers
•Oil refineries
•Sport halls/stadiums
•Military installations
•Transportation terminals and stations
Religious institutions

Why Worry?..


•Terrorism worldwide since 1970 (source MIPT)
23,876 incidents; 83,130 injuries; 32,649 fatalities


 •Bombing attacks


–Car Bombs


–Suicide Bombers


 •Explosive materials


–Readily available




–Easy to use


–Difficult to detect






What Was Needed


A solution for eliminating the hazards from concrete and brick debris that follow a blast event.

The Design Challenge

Balancing between
the following requirements:

• Security
• Functionality
• Aesthetics and Environmental
• And….. Costs.


Protection Design (1)

The charge’s weight and the stand off   distance define the Pressure (psi) and the Impulse (psi x msec)

 Examples of Blast Loads

Protection Design (2)


The heavier the charge, the longer the blast duration.
The shorter the stand off, the higher the pressure.
Changing the charge’s weight and it’s location relatively to the target, influences the blast characteristics.

The Solution: Ballistic Wall Covering


Innovative, patented technology using composite materials for protecting and shielding people within a building from blast event hazards.




•Withstands the highest blast levels—more than 300 psi*msec (Impulse).


•Offers best protection to walls integrated with blast-proof windows and doors.


•Reduces substantially hazards from wall debris in case of a direct hit from shoulder-launched anti-tank weapons.


•Can be used and installed rapidly by infantry troops
in “hot zones”(In-use by the I.D.F).Live Blast Tests – Masonry Wall


Stand Off – 1 meter, Charge – 4 kg of  T.N.T

Live Blast Tests – Masonry Wall

Stand Off –1 Meter, Charge – 4 kg of  T.N.T (with shrapnel).


Live Blast Tests – Masonry Wall

Stand Off –1 Meter, Charge – 4 kg of  T.N.T (with shrapnel).

Live Blast Tests-Masonry Wall

Stand off and charge’s data are classified


Live Blast Tests – Masonry Wall

Live Blast Tests – Concrete Wall

Direct Kassam Detonation


Live Blast Tests – Concrete Ceiling

Direct Kassam Detonation

Anchoring Sections



Tests Results

Testing Programs


•Israeli  Army – Home Front Command


•U.S. Department of Defense


•U.S. Marine Corps – E.O.D.


•European M.O.D.