Anti riots – Electric Shield

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Electrified Riot Shield.
Constructed in Clear Polycarbonate.
3 to 6 Sparkling Display Points.
Visible Lightning and Loud Sound deterrent.
Small velocity Bullet Proof.

Clear polycarbonate for clear view.
Small velocity bullet proof.
Rubber padded steel handle.
Viisible lightning and loud sound deterrent.
Quick battery recharge.
Maintenance free lithium battery.
Proven European technology.
Can be labeled “sherif, police”, etc

Voltage: 50000, 75000, 200000 volts.
Pulse rate: 17 to 22 pulses per second.
Current: 5 to 8 milliamps.
Weight: 1740 grams (round).
Dimensions: 500 mm Diam (Round)
1200x600x5 mm (Square).
Material: Polycarbonate.