Apparel and Accessories

Bullet Proofs and dry systems

Our Partner is a leading provider of sophisticated military and law enforcement equipment

to worldwide defense and security establishments. Over the Past 30 years, Our Partner is a leading supplier of bullet proof vests and tactical carriers to the Israeli MOD and IDF.

The company’s production has been a vertical manufacturing structure, stemming from weaving and high pressure molding, to the final highest quality product.

Our partner designs, produces and markets Personal Military and Civilian protective equipment, such as body armors, bomb disposal suits, bulletproof vests, as well as Associated heavy fabric products and Dry storage.


Research and Development

* The evolution of new high capacity weapons in concern with the present threats of roadside improvised explosive devices, rocket and mortar attacks, as well as suicide bombers, has created an urgent demand to maximize ballistic protection.

* Our comprehensive research & development approach to these threats has resulted in the development of a number of innovative products with expanded protection measures.


Concealed Heating Bullet Proof Vests level III-A Amis -200 “Negev


Quality and Prominence

* Our partner has achieved a position of prominence in the manufacture and development of personal protective products. This position was accomplished , due to thei expertise and dedication to quality.

* In order to maintain the leadership position in the field of human protection, they have assembled a network of dedicated people and specialized processes uniquely capable of defining and delivering high quality state-of-the-art products.


Bullet proof vests

* The vests are ergonomically designed to fit the body contour, which maximizes the individual comfort and increases functional efficiency.

* The vest protects torso, neck, back, and shoulders.


Bullet proof vests

* The vest can be tailor made to the specific requirements of the customer , with dedication to quality , ensuring accurate sewing.


Tactical vests

* The Tactical and Combat Vests are specially designed and developed for elite and mobile commando special units for operation in any type of situation and environment. A wide variety of tactical vests is available for any task, such as :

*  commander vests

* grenade launcher vest

* medic vest and MG vests


Tactical vests

* Being the main supplier of the I.D.F (Israeli Defense Force) for many years , has led to the development of innovative tactical vests  targeted for special units that there assignments require specific demands in order to ensure max safety and maneuverability.

Tactical Carriers

*  They have developed various spacious bags, the smart design of the carrying bags enables quick accessibility and easy handling. All carriers are designed to ensure comfort and optimal combination of metals, (Aluminum/Magnesium/Titanium Etc.) Composite materials and textile.


Tactical Carriers

* Various Applications

Controlled Dry Storage Systems


Key points:

* Battle readiness

* Low maintenance costs

* Long term storage

System Types:

* Custom Fit – specially cut to cover the surface of the equipment

* Tunnels – standard enclosures that can store tank, canon or several jeeps etc.


Controlled Dry Storage Systems

*Any equipment: vehicles, tanks, air-planes, canons, guns, personal equipment (blankets, uniform, food supplies etc.)

* Complete protection: Total Protection Against Corrosion, Equipment Degradation and Moisture-induced Failure

* Very low maintenance: only routine system check by technician, and periodical checks can be made to equipment.

* 60% less manpower to maintain the equipment

* Operational readiness – “power-up and go”. Equipment is stored with all associated components including ammunition, radar, optical, weapon and even blankets, fuel and food.

Controlled Dry Storage Systems

*Quick Deployment: easy to install and adaptable for any terrain or climate.

*Easy to transport: foldable and can be transported by any truck.

*NBC Applications: Can be adapted to give protection against chemicals and biological hazards

*Moisture level – Normally kept at 40-45% moisture

*Life duration

*Warranty for 6- 10 years on the complete system.

*Typically in operation for decades (20 years and more)