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1 - 2011 Ford F550, 165” WB 12-pass bus

      1-  Base Chassis, OEM Specifications:

Make and Model

2011 Ford F550, 165” WB 12-pass bus

Vehicle Type

LHD, HD Truck Chassis, GVWR: 19,500lbs


6.7L V8, twin turbo diesel, Middle East specifications

300hp @ 2,800rpm, 660 lb.-ft. @ 1,600RPM


5-speed automatic with O/D


4-wheel disc


FR/RR – coil/live axle, leaf springs




   2-     Armoring Description

-       Perimeter armoring of passenger compartment (roof and Vertical surfaces: glass, firewall, doors, pillars, quarter panels, ballistic overlaps, rear bulkhead, etc.) to provide protection against 7.62mm, 308 Winchester FMJ ammunition, in accordance with NIJ Standard 0108.01 Level 3 and/or CEN 1063 Level B6

-       Floor of the vehicle is armored to withstand the blast and shrapnel from detonation of 2 x DM51 grenades exploded simultaneously.

-       All window/door apertures shall be overlapped, with bullet catchers in the door window area.

-       Fuel tank protection

-       Armored batteries and ECM protection

-       Passenger door hinges mounting points shall be reinforced to prevent the door sagging and deformation of the door pillars.

-       The materials used in the construction of the vehicle shall of the highest quality, and shall be tested in accordance with the ballistic protection levels specified.

  3 –   Ballistic Glass

-       OE style curved ballistic glass (wind screen, passenger doors), providing the level of protection as mentioned in Section 2 of the present agreement

-       Concealed ballistic flat glass modules installed in rear passenger area, providing the level of protection as mentioned in Section 2 of the present agreement

-       Anti-spall layer on all glass

-       No distortion, no delamination

 4-     Interior

-       Seating capacity: 20

-       Front and Rear AC

-       High-back independent seats. Each seat shall be equipped with a safety harness, as         per   Department of Transport requirements

-       Dome lights

-       Overhead storage, full-height passage ways

-       Remotely operated passenger entrance door, with manual override for emergencies

-       Hand-held fire extinguishers (2) and first aid kit

5-    Additional Items

-       Suspension reinforced to support the additional weight of the armor: HD coils springs (front),          Additional main leafs on the rear leaf springs, HD shock absorbers, HD steering stabilizer.

-       Upgraded axles, front and rear, 5.13 : 1 axle drive ratio.

-       Hutchinson runflat devices on 6 wheels. Two spare wheels included with the vehicle

-       Superior temperature insulation and noise reduction within the interior of the vehicle.

-       Front and rear parking sensors, Provisions for towing, front and rear

-       Dual battery system

-       Complete kit of tire changing tools and heavy-duty jack suitable for the weight of the vehicle

6-    Payment Terms and Delivery Schedule

-       100% Payment due on acceptance of agreement


7-       Manufacturers Limited Warranty

Warrants any armor related items installed and conversion related custom workmanship, for two (2) years, or 50,000kms. (32,000 miles), whichever comes first.