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Seguro de Acción D.F.T. LOCK


Safety of Action effectively neutralizes the use of firearms by unauthorized
persons, allowing a parallel easy and immediate access to the holder of the
weapon at the right time


• Safety D.F.T. is installed in the
grip of any firearms, such as
pistols, revolvers, rifles or semiautomatic
weapons, without
incurring make any changes to
the structure of the weapon.
• Safety D.F.T. is permanently
installed in the grip of the gun.
No protruding from it, not
including accessories and fits
perfectly in any case.
• Fully-proof safety against
misused operated by children.
• Action Safety D.F.T. gives an
unparalleled range of peace and
Safety when entering a firearm at


Action Safety D.F.T. for models 1911


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