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Boarder crossing solution



Screening & controlling cargo and freight at ports, airports and borders to prevent
transit of weapons, drugs and contraband goods.
We provide a full turnkey solution for border crossing and check points that combine
our unique knowledge and a high quality scanning system.
As a part of our integration experience we conduct the follow:
1. Defining operational & logistical needs – on site survey.
2. Submit a detailed architectural design.
3. Negotiate with subcontractors.
4. Execute and supervise the construction process.
5. Integrate screening & defense systems.
6. Training – comprehensive training for all site employees.
7. Supply professional manpower.
8. Turnkey handover / Leasing /BOT operation


A standard site includes:
1. Cargo scanner.
2. SDMS – Site management system, software based.
3. Operational building – Interoperation stations, Electrical systems
4. Offices building.
5. Manual docking stations
6. Manual car check facility.
7. Designated contraband goods warehouse.
8. Full perimeter defense systems – DVR, CCTV, smart perimeter fence (electronic),
mobile intervention armed patrol.
9. Backup electricity systems.

Optional – The lighthouse security & Customs profiling system, for further details
please contact us.

The DFT Line of products:

DFTM – Mobile platform

DFTP– Pass Through platform

DFTG – Gantry platform

DFTT – Train platform

DFTS – Stationary platform

Additional options:
Nuclear Radiation Detection.(ARD)
Material Discrimination High Energy.(DHE)
Dataset Management System. (DMS)
Remote repair System. (R2S)
Container and plate ID recognition. (CCR)

The DFTM – Mobile platform in depth.
The DFTM 4028 is well known in the fight against smuggling and terrorism. It has become an indispensable
tool for customs officers and Government authorities applying homeland security rules. With the DFTM
4028, heavily loaded trucks and containers can be inspected In order to seize smuggled goods, weapons,
explosives and drugs.
A rapid cargo inspection solution that does not require you to open containers. The DFTM is ready to use in
all situations in less than 30 minutes. It can inspect 25 trucks an hour. Its 3.8 MeV energy penetrates steel to a
minimum of 280 mm (11”) and provides first class high resolution Images.
The new version of the DFTM 4028 guarantees customer satisfaction. Dozens of customers all over the world
already use the DFTM 4028. As mobile as the previous version, the DFTM 4028 uses a warden owned
standard platform technology. As mobile as the previous version, the DFTM 4028 uses a standard platform
that is known and proven throughout the world. Its approved road clearance is in conformity with the laws and
regulations of various countries. The DFTM 4028 simultaneously combines high performance imagery, an
extremely short setting-up time and a rapid inspection rate. As a result, it guarantees faster inspection
turnaround times and increased traffic fluidity.

Features Highlights:
High energy mobile X-Ray scanner to inspect loaded trucks and containers.
100% mobility means it is fully adapted to surprise inspection.
Autonomous system requires no external infrastructure.
Advanced high performance imagery technology.
High inspection rate.
Small footprint area.
Easy and fast process requiring few employees.



The DFT Mobile in full operation – Haifa Port, Israel.


DFTM Mobile in transportation mode.


DFTM Mobile in Operational mode.

The DFTG – Gantry platform in depth.
The DFTG range of scanners is designed to optimize security checks at ports, airports, and border crossings.
DFTG scanners are an indispensable partner for customs inspectors and authorities responsible for civil and
military security. They are used to inspect trucks, containers, and other vehicles, to seize contraband goods,
weapons, explosives and drugs. The DFTG 6035 uses an accelerator delivering energy of 6 million electron
volts, allowing it to penetrate steel to at least 350 mm (13.8”) – meaning that loaded containers and vehicles
quickly reveal their secrets.
The DFTG 6035 high performance imaging system provides its operator with detailed radioscopic images of
the contents, permitting a diagnostic that is both rapid and reliable. The innovative design of the DFTG 6035
means that it is easy to install and move from one location to another. The DFTG 6035 is a stand-alone unit
and requires no additional external infrastructure. Its footprint is designed to be as small as possible limiting
the space required while still integrating the most demanding of international security constraints. The DFTG
6035 also meets recent security and safety inspection concerns: – equipped with the automatic radioactive
material detection function, the DFTG 6035 simultaneously carries out both the X-ray inspection and an
analysis to detect the presence of radioactive gamma or neutron materials within the load. A single scan and a
single check provide a complete diagnostic. Finally, the DFTG 6035 permits an inspection rate of around 25
trucks an hour, ensuring faster inspections and fluid traffic movements.

Features Highlights:
High energy X-Ray scanner to inspect loaded trucks and containers.
Designed for security inspections at ports, airports and border points
Reduced footprints thanks to innovative design.
Autonomous system requires no external infrastructure.
Advanced technology provides a high performance imaging capabilities.
High inspection rate.
Easy and fast process requiring few employees.
Completely secured operation.

DFT Gantry 6035 system.


The DFTG system Scanning tunnel- Haifa port, Israel..

The DFTG system operational model.

The DFTS – Stationary platform in depth.

The DFTS is the most powerful tool in the DFT product range. It constitutes the optimized approach for
customs or security inspection. For custom and police authorities, this top of the line system is an
indispensable tool for preventing smugglers and terrorists from continuing their illicit operations Through
main border points. Avoiding the necessity to open the truck or container, the DFTS reduces the need for
manual inspection to a minimum.
As it is permanently installed on a dedicated site, it provides a swift inspection procedure for fully loaded
trucks (wheels, chassis, tanks, load and tractor) and containers, features which allow easy verification of
custom documents. Its intuitive interface facilitates image analysis. With an X-ray energy of 9MeV, the DFTS
9045 distinguish itself by its high penetration of up to 450 mm (18’’) of steel, and its excellent capacity of
screening up to 25 trucks per hour, 24 hours a day. The DFTS 9045 is available in single or dual tunnel
versions and can be equipped with single or dual view technology as well as high energy material
discrimination. These solutions ensure the detection and exact location of suspicious items such as smuggled
goods, weapons, explosives, drugs or illegal’s.

Features Highlights:
Stationary X-Ray system for the inspection of fully loaded trucks and containers.
Top of the line system for the fighting against terrorism and illegal traffics.
State of the art technology foroutstanding image quality.
High detection capacity.
Ideal for maritime ports, border crossing points and airports dealing with heavy traffic.
Easy and fast processing with low staffing requirements.
Unique material discrimination technology (optional).


The DFT Stationary system – Ashdod port, Israel.

The DFTS DV system – Ashdod port, Israel.

The DFTS DV system – Haifa port, Israel.