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Flexible Aspirating Smoke Detection

Technology Pioneers in High-sensitivity Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

Providing Solutions Beyond Traditional Smoke and Fire Detection

The company manufactures the widest range of certified aspirating smoke detection (ASD)
systems in the industry – from an aspirated point-in-a-box (PIAB) detector to the unique 15-
channel addressable detector. CAM detectors excel in area coverage and powerful
performance and are suited to a host of applications – stand-alone or networked, smoke and
even environmental monitoring – in the most demanding environments.
Our state-of-the art detectors, built for flexibility and dependability, are found in power stations,
telecommunication sites, mines, IT facilities, LCD fabs, semiconductor clean rooms, prisons, warehouses, cold
storage rooms, harsh and hazardous areas, trains, historic buildings, museums and even in residences.
The CAM range provides powerful diagnostic information and communication with monitoring,
programming, graphics and control of all detector functions fully accessible from virtually anywhere.
Approved worldwide and manufactured according to the strictest ISO 9000 quality control procedures, the
CAM range includes both aspirating point detectorsand very high-sensitivity ASD systems.

How do the World’s Finest Aspirating Systems Work?

The CAM IFT high-sensitivity ASD is an instrument-quality
nephelometer collecting scattered laser light from smoke
particles over a full 360-degree sweep. The resulting
sensitivity is 0.001% obscuration/m (0.0003% obs/ft), which
is several hundred times more sensitive than conventional
smoke detectors. This sensitivity, coupled with advanced
processing and filtration, enables CAM IFT systems to
be used in the world’s most demanding applications and

CAM by the instrument- quality optics are protected by a rugged, removable optical chamber and filter cartridge, enabling field serviceability in the dirtiest of environments.

Understanding TIME
The image below shows the evolution of a fire on an overheating printed circuit board in a computer
cabinet. The event progresses from releasing small invisible particles into a raging fire over a
substantial period of time. The more time you have to react to an event, the less likely significant
damage will occur, ensuring business continuity. The additional response time provided by early
detection enables minor events to be investigated with minimal business disruption before fire can
cause catastrophic loss.

When Every Second Counts

When a fire strikes, very early warning high-sensitivity aspirating smoke
detection (ASD) is the only solution for protecting personnel and property.

The ICAM IFT ASD actively draws air from the protected area through a
network of 25 mm (0.98 in) rigid sampling pipes perforated with sampling
holes along their length.

This pneumatic system is powered by a 2,000 Pa aspirator fan that
functions in open, very high-airflow areas, air-conditioned environments
and clean rooms. Other aspirating systems typically operate on a tenth
of the CAM IFT’s suction, which renders them ineffective in more challenging and
difficult applications.

Key  Features

•  4 alarms – Alert, Action, Fire 1, Fire 2


•  Up to 100 m sampling pipe per channel


•  TCP/IP Ethernet interface


•  Remote monitoring support


•  Powerful 2,000 Pa fan


•  RS232 and RS485 Modbus


•  Logs up to 20,000 events


•  Optional output module


•  Unique field removable and serviceable optical chamber


•  Serviceable, two-stage particle filter


•  External in-line air filters for harsh environments


•  Closed-loop sampling for hazardous environments


•  Absolute calibration of the detection chamber


•  Microprocessor controlled


•  Approvals: FM, UL, VdS, CFE, CE-EMC, LVD and CPD,



When Exact Location is Crucial

Standard aspirating systems are well known for their early warning capabilities. However, in certain applications, it is critical to precisely locate the source of the incident. Where

the location is critical and a visual search is impossible to perform quickly, ICAM’s unique addressable aspirating technology provides a powerful solution.

The CAM IFT-15 uses unique microbore technology that can monitor up to 15 individual, addressable sampling points. Microbore sampling tubes are simple, flexible and unobtrusive to install, providing a very cost-effective solution for aspirating detection with the integrity of a continuous run of sampling tube.

•  6 mm (0.24 in) flexible aspirating pipe

•  Rapid scan of inlets with rotary selector valve

• High-sensitivity laser detection

•  0.001% to 20% obscuration/m (0.0003% to 6.10% obs/ft)

• 15 pipes, 15 areas

•  4 alarms – Alert, Action, Fire 1, Fire 2 per pipe

•  Powerful suction rotary vane vacuum pump

• Large, clear display panel and optional RDUs

•  TCP/IP Ethernet interface

•  Remote monitoring support

• RS232 and RS485 Modbus

•  Optional 4-20 mA output module and relay modules

•  24 VDC operation (standard)

Extending the Capability of Traditional Smoke Sensors

Aspirating point detectors are highly effective where traditional
smoke detection often fails. CAM IAS systems are ideal for
applications in harsh, dusty and inaccessible spaces, as well as
those critical environments that do not warrant the expense of a
larger aspirating system. They also have been applied as unique
solutions in intrinsically safe environments.

Key Features
CAM IAS-1 and IAS-2
• Single- and dual-channel in one enclosure
• Internal serviceable cartridge air filter
• Up to 2 x 100 m pipes • Powerful suction 250 Pa fan
• IP65 enclosure • 24 VDC operation
• Adjustable airflow • VdS approved
• Sensitive airflow monitoring • Double-knock suppression control

Air is sampled from the protected area through one or two inlet pipes and then passed through
an internal cartridge air filter to a single- or dual-channel controller. The sensors placed inside can
be conventional or analogue smoke detectors, yours or ours (refer to the product guides for more
information). Owners of exclusive residences highly value them for their discrete aesthetics and

When the Going Gets Tough
When increased sensitivity is added to the equation, the controller can be equipped with one or
two laser detectors. Compared to the standard sensitivity of the traditional smoke sensor, 3-6%
obscuration/m (0.9 to 1.8% obs/ft), the laser point detectors have increased sensitivity of up to
0.06% obscuration/m (0.02% obs/ft)

Remote Access and Networking

Plan and Design Your Application
Response times and sensitivities for individual sampling points can be accurately
modelled during the project planning stage with the CAM ASPIRE-2 pipe
network design tool.
• Graphical image of pipes with sample area coverage
• Simple wizard for user inputs
• Modelling for capillaries and drop pipes
• Support for standard pipe fittings and CAM accessories,
CAM ECO and DFT In-line Filter
• Effective smoke sensitivities for all alarm thresholds for each
sampling point
• Response times for each sampling point


Experience Powerful Diagnostics

DFT VSC is a comprehensive on-site diagnostic tool for accessing
settings and logged data within the CAM IFT product range.
• Intelligent management of CAM devices
– Configuration
– Installation
– Commissioning
– Maintenance
• Fast device setup, fault resolution and event diagnostics
• Off-line network configuration before the site visit
• Comprehensive on-line and multi-language support

Have the System at Your Fingertips
DFT VSM4 is a powerful and user-friendly monitoring package.
• Fully integrated floor plans
• Status bar clearly displays the highest priority event
• Logical tree view
• Mouse-over hints
• On-line help
• Scalable windows
• Multiple-monitor support
• Text-to-Speech
• E-mail notification
• Corporate policy prompts

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