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Forensic Unit

Based on our experts, high skilled Forensic Officers with international track record we are offering a comprehensive solution which includes supplying the equipment with the particular training courses to the various subjects under the responsibility of the Forensic Unit at the Crime Scene.

Forensic Capabilities:


This document is a general document to establish forensic capabilities. The intention is to set up a Forensic Unit equipped with the required equipment, trained and guided by our Forensic experts.

This Document is ONLY for general information regarding capabilities, every case will be held as a turnkey project

Some of The Forensic unit Capabilities we provide include:

1. Scene of Crime investigation: (Arriving at the scene, scene documentation, scene photography (stills and video), fingerprints collection, other types of exhibits collection and treatment).

2. Tests for illegal drugs (different kits for detection and identification of illicit drugs, including in some body fluids (urine, saliva)).

3. Explosives tests (different kits to detect and identify explosives traces belonging to main groups of the explosive materials).

4. Local stand alone automated system for storage and comparison of fingerprints – AFIS.

5. Ballistics tests (analysis of shooting incidents and comparing marks on spent cartridges and bullets using microscopy).

6. Examination of documents (test equipment for questioned documents).

7. Laboratory capabilities (basic chemical laboratory equipped with the capabilities to perform forensic chemical testing of drugs and explosives (as described above), latent fingerprint development on various surfaces and more.

8. DNA analysis

9. Instrumental Analytical Chemistry (for drugs, explosives, poisons, toxicology etc.)

10. Tool-marks and materials capabilities (such as gun shot residue (GSR) analysis)

11. Arson investigation

12. Audio-Video and Voice trace analysis and identification

13. Handwriting comparison and also establishing different kinds of Forensic databases (such as National AFIS; DNA database; Ballistics database (IBIS))

Enhancement of forensic abilities:


* Forensic crime scene investigation:

Training & Equipment

* Forensic laboratories:

Experts’ training & Instrumentation

Training course (scene of crime officers):

* Scene documentation

* Forensic photography

* Latent fingerprints development

* Utilization of different types of field kits

* Writing & presenting expert opinion

Equipment & field kits:

* Compact “mobile lab” vehicles

* Digital photography & accessories

* Latent prints development & documentation

* Testing kits for scene & evidence analysis

Professionally equipped vehicle for crime scene investigation

Digital photography: Equipment & accessories for scene & evidence photography

Professional tools for latent prints development    in the lab and on the crime scene

Superglue chamber for latent fingerprints development in the lab

Comprehensive kit for latent fingerprints development on the scene

Different forensic kits for crime scene evaluation

Forensic laboratories:

Experts’ training & instrumentation:


* Forensic chemistry

* Forensic DNA

* Ballistic examination

* Questioned documents examination

AFIS & related technology

Acquisition, comparison & identification of finger & palm prints.

Forensic chemistry

Different analytical equipment & kits for:

* Illicit drugs

* Explosives

* Combustible fluids

* Poisons

* Unknown materials

Analysis & identification


Forensic DNA

Complete line of biological samples examination:

* Sample/stain processing

* PCR multiplication

* DNA profile generation & comparison

* Databasing

Comparison microscope for ballistic examinations.

IBIS: Acquisition, comparison & identification of cartridge cases & bullets

* 2D/3D digital photography acquisition.

* Several types of marks comparison.

* Firearm identification.

* Generation of scenes/firearms connection schemes.

Questioned documents examination systems.

Questioned documents examinations using different light sources.

ESDA: ElectroStatic Detection Apparatus for documents examination.