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*this Document is only informative about capabilities, more orless features and capabilities will be adapted per order.
Appendix A
Modified: Mercedes-Benz 816D Vario VAN (4×4) or equivalent:
Modification of the compartment
1. Air condition operation options
2. 24V vehicles electric system.
3. Generator or 220V external source.
4. Rotating central chair + working table
5. Equipment Storage Cabinets6. Light bar: 24V light bar, 2 rotators, 3 step cascade mirrors.7. Vehicle refrigerator8. Electricity:
Two main switches for 24V systems and for 12V systems will be installed, which willdisconnect the systems. The switches will be accessible to the driver upon entering andexiting the vehicle.
Electric box contains one master fuse for 24V in the working compartment.
Electric box contains one master fuse for 220v in the working compartment.
Charging of a robot in a vehicle while parked: with the help of a “Hella” charging plugupon starting of a vehicle.
Multiple sockets (220V) shall be installed at the operator table
Additional Installations 
1. Radio system + antenna.
2. Flash light charging devices +charging able Flash light.
3. Intercommunication between driver’s cabin and work compartment.
4. Extra electric accumulator the robot compartment.
5. First aid kit.
6.1500 kg winch anchoring to the front bumper

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