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Ventilation components for emergency medical services and hospital


The medical equipment used by emergency medical services and hospital staff is critically important to the success
outcome of emergency and transport ventilation.
With assistance from mechanical ventilation, emergency personnel have their hands free for other important tasks.
The device‘s steady respiratory rate and constant volume prevent potentially aggressive ventilation and guarantee
consistent ventilation quality. Our extensive ventilation line consists of MEDUMAT emergency and transport respirators, the MODUL system for CPAP therapy and oxygen inhalation, COMBIBAG resuscitator and ventilation monitoring with MODUL CapnoVol and much more. You can put together all these mobile components in a customized
system that satisfies requirements for your area of usage in emergency medical services or hospital.



Overview of emergency and transport ventilation




MEDUMAT Transport with CO2 measurement WM 28400



6Intuitive user navigation helps user to keep an eye on everything.
The emergency mode supports safe and fast responses in stressful situations.
The right patient hose system for every use:
Select from reusable and disposable patient hose systems in lengths of two or three meters.
Uninterrupted ventilation even during switch-over from one oxygen supply system to another
Fast and economical oxygen measurement by means of a non-consumable oxygen sensor

Main components in the supply schedule:
MEDUMAT Transport ventilator Reusable patient hose system with flow measurement close to patient
Set of disposable CPAP/NIV masks (S, M, L)
Rechargeable battery pack (WM 28384)
Ventilation mask for adult, Size 5 (WM 5074)
















MEDUMAT Transport in hospital

MEDUcart WM 28780

Ventilation and oxygen supply in hospital – no problem for MEDUMAT Transport. In the hospital stand MEDUcart, whichcan accommodate and transport all the necessary devices and components, you have an ideally equipped mobile ventilation unit. It‘s very easy to install MEDUMAT Transport and accessories on the MEDUcart device rails.

MEDUcart supply schedule (without equipment):

Base with four casters for non-tip stability
Central element is a sturdy 38-mm column
Handle to push or pull cart
Cylinder holder with base and belt lock for safe and secure
accommodation of oxygen cylinder (5 l or 10 l)
Three device rails for fast installation of medical products
Convenient basket for additional equipment
Optional accessory: Jointed arm to hold ventilation hose system

Equipment possibilities:

MEDUMAT Transport on LIFE-BASE light or LIFE-BASE 1 NG on BASE Station 1 NG (see Section B)
Oxygen cylinder (5 l or 10 l, see Page C10)
ACCUVAC Basic or ACCUVAC Rescue on wall mount (see Page D5)
Power pack and charger WM 2610 for ACCUVAC on wall mounting with plate and standard rail adapter (see Page D5)
Power pack and charger WM 28305 for MEDUMAT Transport on wall mounting with plate and standard rail adapter
(see Page A6)



Patient hose system for MEDUMAT Transport

Reusable 13 patient hose system



MEDUMAT Standard a and MEDUMAT Standard

Emergency ventilator for assisted and controlled ventilation
WM 22800, NATO Stock Number 6515-12-377-9206
WM 22500, NATO Stock Number 6515-12-369-1001

The greatest degree of safety for you and your patient during emergency and transport ventilation with MEDUMAT Standarda and MEDUMAT Standard. The robust and compact devices contain everything you need for controlled or controlled and assisted emergency ventilation. Embedded on the proven LIFEBASE portable system, MEDUMAT Standard a or MEDUMAT
Standard lets you put together your customized ventilation and oxygen therapy system.

The arrow system on the emergency ventilator guides you through the settings process. After you have set the respiratory rate, respiratory minute volume and ventilation pressure, you can begin emergency ventilation at once. If the selected ventilation pressure is exceeded, for example, during Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, the device briefly switches over to exhalation and then, during the same inspiratory phase, attempts to deliver another
ventilated breath. This so-called “double-stroke process“ ensures that the maximum tidal volume possible is provided (referto the diagram on Page A12).
In addition to controlled emergency ventilation, which you can administer with both devices, MEDUMAT Standard a (The “a“stands for assisted ventilation.) lets you provide your patientwith assisted ventilation. This mode allows the patient to trigger a ventilated breath through his own inspiratory effort (refer to the diagram “Assisted ventilation with MEDUMAT Standard a).

Assisted ventilation with MEDUMAT Standard a


Major features of MEDUMAT Standard a and MEDUMAT Standard:
Respiratory minute volume, respiratory rate and maximum ventilation pressure are infinitely adjustable
Color coding for patient groups help user to select correct setting.
Arrow system guides user through settings process.

Visual and acoustic alarms in event of:
Pressure decrease in air supply
Low battery voltage
System failure
Lack of trigger in assisted mode (only in MEDUMAT Standard a)
automatic self-test when device is switched on
Activation of double stroke process when maximum pressure is reached (see diagram “Double stroke process“)
Economical: Air-Mix function reduces Fi02 to about 60%.
No oxygen required for device operation
Fits on LIFE-BASE portable systems
Can be combined with all Defensetechs-modules




Emergency ventilator with voice prompts and CPR mode WM 28140
Let MEDUMAT Easy CPR guide you simply and safely through
emergency ventilation or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
With the help of the device‘s clear and easy-to-understand voice prompts, you can give your undivided attention to the patient.
MEDUMAT Easy CPR is ideally suited for use with CPR. When the device is set to CPR mode, the spoken instructions tell you the right time to give chest compressions and breaths.
To help you administer chest compressions at the right frequency, MEDUMAT Easy CPR keeps time with a metronome. The
MEDUtrigger installed on the patient valve lets you deliver a ventilator breath manually and thus decide on the timing of a breath.
With MEDUMAT Easy CPR placed on the proven portable system LIFE-BASE, you can put together your own customized ventilation and oxygen therapy system.

Major components in supply schedule for MEDUMAT Easy CPR:
Patient hose system with patient valve (WM 22520)
Ventilation mask, Size 5 (WM 5074)
MEDUtrigger for manual triggering of a ventilator breath (WM 20900)
Reusable protective sheath for ventilation hose (WM 8297)

Major Features of MEDUMAT Easy CPR:
Visual and acoustic alarms, supported by voice prompts Controlled emergency ventilation (IPPV) adjusted by only a
rotary dial (time cycled with constant volume) Suitable for mask and tube ventilation; The switch
(20 mbar / 45 mbar) makes it easy to set the ventilation pressure limit.
Illuminated display of ventilation pressure
Small and lightweight (only 600 g), fits in every emergency backpack and on the proven LIFE-BASE portable system
MEDUMAT Easy CPR complies with EN-1789.


Emergency ventilator with voice prompts
WM 28000
This small and compact emergency ventilator supports your handling of the device with voice prompts. The single-knob operation lets you make a simple, combined setting for minute volume and rate.

17Module System
Our module system contains MODUL Oxygen, MODUL Combi and MODUL CPAP. Thanks to these components, you
can expand the fields of use for your MEDUMAT ventilators.
Simply choose the function(s) you need, such as CPAP therapy,oxygen inhalation or suction and put together you own
personal ventilation and oxygen therapy system.

CPAP Therapy with CPAP-Boussignac valve
WM 29100
MODUL CPAP makes it very easy to administer CPAP therapy with the help of the CPAP-Boussignac valve. The CPAP pressure delivered to the patient is immediately displayed on the manometer.
Oxygen from an external source (vehicular system, central gas system) can be fed into MODUL CPAP via the Walther quick coupling on the front of the device.
Exact, infinitely adjustable setting of CPAP pressure CPAP pressure can be adjusted during therapy
Ideal ergonomic design with CPAP pressure setting and monitoring in a single device
No chance of mixing up connectors for the
CPAP-Boussignac valve
Can be combined with all modules and MEDUMATs on
LIFE-BASE portable systems
Major components in the supply schedule:
Large starter set for CPAP therapy, consisting of:
10 x CPAP Boussignac valves
10 x CPAP/IV disposable masks with air pillows and retaining ring for headgear in sizes S (2 x), M (4 x) and L (4 x)
1 x headgear for CPAP/NIV mask

CPAP-Boussignac Valve
High CPAP performance based on proven technology
WM 29119
The small and lightweight CPAP-Boussignac valve is ideall y suited for emergency use. The pre-connected and bundled hoses let you put the valve into operation immediately.
Open design for improved patient tolerance: The patient can
always inhale and exhale the right amount of air.
Low pressure difference between inhalation and exhalation
Infinitely adjustable CPAP pressure from 0 to 15 mbar
Disposable system for high level of patient hygiene
Low weight for long-lasting good fit of CPAP/NIV mask
Two-meter-long bundled hoses for maximum freedom of movement
Major elements in supply schedule:
Set of 10 CPAP Boussignac for MODUL CPAP (WM 15638)
Set of 25 CPAP Boussignac for MODUL CPAP (WM 15643)
Set of 50 CPAP Boussignac for MODUL CPAP (WM 15644)





Oxygen reservoir
For COMBIBAG resuscitator
WM 11052



Resuscitator for adults and children
WM 11020

Rely on the versatility of the COMBIBAG (for adults or children).
You can vary the air volume simply by turning the COMBIBAG in your hand – you always have the correct-sized resuscitator ready for use. The safety valve prevents excessive ventilation pressure and protects the patient regardless of whether you ventilate via tube or mask.

The two recessed rips in COMBIBAG make it possible to
provide small volumes to children and to ventilate adults.
Safety valve with two pressure levels: 20 and 60 mbar
No tools required for maintenance and cleaning
PEEP valve, demand valve or oxygen reservoir can be connected for better oxygenation
Single-layer construction makes disinfection easier.
COMBIBAG resuscitator (WM 11000)
Ventilation mask with inflatable seal of silicone for adults,
Size 5 (WM 5074)

Silicone resuscitators
Resuscitator for adults and children
See for yourself how easy it is to use our sturdy silicone resuscitators.
They are very easy to clean, disinfect or sterilize. The transparent single-layer silicone bag is available in three sizes
– for premature infants and babies up to 20 kg, small children up to 30 kg and adults from 30 kg. Standard delivery includes reservoir bag and corresponding masks. The Weinmnann oxygenconservation system OXYMAND demand valve can be connected to the resuscitator with the adapter.

For adults
WM 11103
Silicone resuscitator 1600 ml and patient valve with pressure relief valve
Silicone ventilation mask, Size 5
Oxygen reservoir 2600 ml incl. reservoir valve

For children (not shown)
WM 11102
Silicone resuscitator and patient valve with
pressure relief valve
Silicone ventilation mask, Size 3
Oxygen reservoir 2600 ml incl. reservoir valve

For babies and toddlers
WM 11101
Supply schedule:
Silicone resuscitator 240 ml and patient valve with pressure
relief valve
Silicone ventilation mask, Sizes 0 + 1 + 2
Oxygen reservoir 600 ml incl. reservoir valve



Demand valve
Convince yourself of the dependability of the OXYMAND demand valve. It guarantees a continuous flow of 100% oxygen with low consumption compared to conventional reservoir systems. With a two-liter oxygen cylinder (200 bar), for example, a patient can be supplied with 100% oxygen for an hour while Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is performed. With the right coupling, OXYM AND can be combined for use with the modules Oxygen, CPAP and Combi on the LIFE-BASE carrying system.
For Defensetechs silicone bag-valve-mask rescuscitator, COMBIBAG and other resuscitators
With the right coupling OXYMAND can be combined with any MODUL (except MODUL CapnoVol).

25 26

Patient Interface / Ventilation masks
Masks have one of the most sensitive interface functions in ventilation
therapy. As the connection between man and machine,
masks provide a way for respiratory air to move from the therapy
device into the patient‘s airways




Portable System LIFE-BASE
For an emergency system to your specifications


Only our portable system LIFE-BASE gives you the option of putting together a highly individualized mobile ventilation and oxygen therapy system with exactly the technology that you need. Thanks to the system‘s modular design, you can quickly and easily customize your own system with ventilators, oxygen cylinders, pressure reducers or the Modules. All the portable system variants are extremely robust especially made for the requirements
of routine emergency services. In rescue vehicles and air ambulances LIFE-BASE is protected by the crash-proof
BASE-STATION wall mounts.



LIFE-BASE Portable
System Concept
Put together your own ventilation and oxygen therapy system
on our versatile portable system!
Just tell us what you need and we can offer products, our experience and our service to help you design your own mobile ventilation system. To fulfill your requirements, you can choose components such as ventilators, modules, monitoring products and oxygen cyclinders, pressure reducers, patient hose systems and ventilation masks.






Mounting Flexibility
Nearly unlimited options, thanks to our versatile portable systems and mounts

Our portable system LIFE-BASE consists of a pre-mounted carrying unit, which comes in a variety of shapes and
sizes. You can equip the unit with matching components (see Pages B3 and B4) to fit your individual needs. LIFEBASE
can be carried easily in one hand and yet is rugged enough for conditions at the scene of an emergency.


While being transported in ambulances and aircraft, the varied models of the LIFE-BASE portable system have ideal protection in the crash-proof BASE-STATION wall mounts specially designed for their size. You may choose between BASE-STATION with or without a charger interface.
The crash-proof BASE-STATION wall mounts permits quick release of LIFE-BASE.
All wall mounts comply with EN 1789.
Details on the portable systems pictures are on Page B17 in the overview “LIFE-BASEs  and combination options“.




Without integrated oxygen cylinder





with integrated oxygen cylinder




with MEDUMAT Standard a, MEDUMAT Standard, M



MEDUMAT Easy CPR, MEDUMAT Easy and Modules



with MEDUMAT Standard a, MEDUMAT Standard



For Mass Casualty Incidents (MCI)





Oxygen Systems and Vehicular Equipment


A good outcome depends on the safe and exact dosage of oxygen in an emergency. Our products for your oxygen
systems and emergency vehicles guarantee top quality that you can rely on 100%. A reliable supply of oxygen
is ensured by our OXYWAY pressure reducers and flow regulators, oxygen cylinders, pressure reducer connectors
and a broad range of accessories. We promise dependability for long-term oxygen supplies at the scene of an emergency, during long transport routes and for simultaneous treatment of several patients.


Pressure reducer and flow regulator

You can rely on the accuracy of OXYWAY pressure reducers and flow regulators. For only the properly dosed supply of oxygen can achieve the desired effect in the ventilation of your patients.
Our OXYWAY pressure reducers and flow regulators, which we offer in several variants, can be used in many different ways in the practice of oxygen and emergency medicine. All are available with up to two oxygen outlets (see page C4): flow outlet and pressure outlet. The former is used to supply oxygen directly to the patient while the latter guarantees a safe supply of oxygen delivered via a ventilator and oxygen administrator.






Oxygen administrators
Oxygen administrators deliver a flow of oxygen to patient(s). The functions inhalation, ventilation and suction can be set up independent of each other but can be supplied by a single gas source.







Our rugged suction pump simply and effectively removes secretions from the oropharynx. When the patient‘s
breathing is disrupted, emergency medical technicians take the first life-saving step of clearing the respiratory
tract. Then mechanical ventilation can begin. You Suction D2 have a broad selection from our suction pumps:
MANUVAC for manual suctioning, ACCUVAC Rescue and ACCUVAC Basic or electric suctioning or OMNIVAC for suctioning powered by oxygen or pressurized gas.








When the heart loses its rhythm, every second counts.

We offer the best possible chances of survival to victims of sudden cardiac arrest. With our Automated
External Defibrillator (AED), trained emergency personnel and laypersons too can give the patient the help he
needs. The clear voice prompts safely guide any helper through cardiopulmonary resuscitation. In Germany
alone about 120,000 people die every year from the sudden cardiac arrest because an AED was not close by. Quick
use of a defibrillator could save many lives in many places – factories, nursing homes or medical practices and in public buildings.




Patient Monitoring
Reliable monitoring for effective intervention

Quick check: In our pulse oximeter smartOx you have the perfect instrument for making a spot check in emergency
situations or as part of routine work in medical practices. The small device that fits in a lab coat pocket gives you
precise readings of your patient‘s oxygen saturation and heart rate. With our MODUL CapnoVol you can always see
how effective administered ventilation is. In this case too reliable monitoring tells you when fast intervention is necessary, whether you are at the scene of an emergency or in hospital.







Emergency Cases and Backpacks
For use under the toughest conditions



It was the innovation in all-round primary care of emergency patients: the ULM CASE, which we developed
some 30 years ago. Thanks to its organizational clarity, customized set-up of equipment and robust
construction, the ULM CASE remains one of t h e most important transport containers in emergency medicine.
The emergency backpack from our offers you the same organizational clarity plus great stability and safe
transport of your equipment. It combines the emergency case concept with the advantages of a backpack. So on
the way to the scene of an emergency, both your hands are free.