Large Arena Lighting Trailer type G-2

Sturdy road trailer, steel frame, single axle w/ springs. 14R wheels,
NATO eye. Jockey wheel
Four retractable stabilizing feet, lockable.
complete steel canopy, silenced (air intake under hood), powder coated
Lockable side service panels and toolboxes
complete tail lights & side warning lights according CE regulations
Dimensions: 420(L)x200(W)x120(H) cm
Weight (gross): 740 Kgs

9 KvA Diesel generator. Hutz engine 4-stroke,3000 rpm, air cooled
400v- 9,000VA/ 230v- 6,000VA (50Hz)
Brushless syncro alternator, electronic voltage regulation, made in Germany
25 liter tank
Noise pressure: 72 db(A)
protection: low oil & hi-temp automatic shutdown

3. Light tower:
Pneumatic telescoping mast to 9.00 meters
Aircraft grade Aluminum 5 sections
Withstands winds up to 80 Kph
includes turnable Guying collars.
supplied with guying cables + stake kit
Turnable base 360° (manually)
Mast is Horizontally anchored on trailer’s
canopy during transport, electrically tilted
before operation

4-Light system:
Four Metal-Halide floodlights, 1000w each
electrical motors tilt each light 90° (hor. to ver.) via control box.
power supply to lamps via coiled cable inside mast (immune to the elements)
lamps wired by quick disconnect WP connectors (Deutsch IP-65)
Alternative: 4 lamps Quartz Halogen, 1500w each (instant ON & Restrike)
[or combination of HMI and Quartz lamps]

5. Compressor
230v 1.5 HP 185 lit/m, inc. 6 lit air tank to supply mast leverage

5. Electric switch board:
Waterproof electric switchboard IP-54 rated, includes:
400v 32A socket, 230v 32A socket, 230v 16A socket
Engine indicators:. Voltmeter, Ammeter, hour counter, AC circuit breaker, pilot LED lamps,
fuel gauge, oil sensor , engine starting kit + safety engine breaker.
12v H.D starter battery supplies also emergency lighting

6. Mast controls
Pneumatic control board with 3 position lever: extend / retract / stop the mast
with safety spring and pressure regulator – type deadman

7. Accessories:
(a) Tool box with extra lamps, air filter, oil & basic tools
(b) spare wheel, jack, fire extinguisher
(c) internal lighting.

8. Safety:
Reflective strips all-round
vertical light (upwards) prevents accidental lifting under electric wires.

9. Optional accessories:
Ex-proof floodlights (Eex)
grounding kit
All technical data are subject to change without notice







1. Trailer: Sturdy road trailer, steel frame, single axle. steel canopy opens by pneumatic pistons,
latch + locks. Four retractable stabilizing feet. Standard towing lock.
Fully galvanized steel + external paint.
2. Generator: HONDA model 6500 scx. Electric starter, gasoline motor, large 21 liter tank;
Quiet operation (external ventilation). 5800 watts rated, voltage regulated 220v.
Volt meter, AC circuit breaker, pilot lamp, fuel gauge, oil sensor + safety engine breaker.
3. Electric: Safe electric switchboard: 4 output sockets to power rescue tools + 6 circuit breakers
(for projectors & sockets). With transparent covers, IP-54 waterproof rated.
12v H.D battery to start generator & supply emergency lighting.
H.D. polyurethane spiral cables supply power to the projectors through waterproof connectors.
12 volt sockets (for chargers & extra spotlights). 50m extension 220v cable on reel.
4. Light tower: Manually operated telescopic mast, chrome-plated steel, 5.30 meter extended.
Horizontally anchored inside trailer during transport, manually tilted by lever handle before
operation. Two Quartz-Halogen floodlights, 1500w each, pan-and-tilt maneuverable.

5. Mobile light tripod: hand operated mast 5.10 meter extended, chrome plated steel.
Two interchangeable lighting sets: 2x1000w halogen, & 3x150w (12v) spotlights, inc. electric cables
6. Accessories: (a) Tool box with extra lamps & tools (b) Extra 10 liter gasoline can (ex-proof)
{c} First aid kit (d) jack, shovel, fire extinguisher (e) internal lighting.
7. Safety: Reflective strips all-round, standard road backlights.
8. Options: P/A (public address system); Military Xenon type spotlights; Rescue equipment;
Pneumatic masts to 6.50 – 11.80 meters. (Options supplied at extra cost).
All technical data are subject to change without notice.