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Buried Vehicle Barrier




Modular Vehicle Barrier

A unique Crowd barriers which are based on the principle of exploitation of the masses to increase the blocking capability.

Barrier consists of two identical pieces make it easy to assembling, placing and operation.
Product Features

Quick assembly: The mobile vehicle barriers consists of elements which are light to carry. Any adult can assemble this physical mobile vehicle barriers in minutes without using assembly tools, to create a block against immediate threats of ramming vehicles in unknown locations.

High impact: the mobile vehicle barriers special and unique design has high impact capabilities that transfer the vehicle’s horizontal momentum vertically to the extent of fully stopping the vehicle within a relatively short range.

Flexible length: Independent separate units of the mobile vehicle barriers can be composed into any length desired, blocking any size of vehicle route.

Wheel protection: The unique process (patented) of momentum transfer is efficient for vehicles regardless of their wheel protection. This allows efficient mobile vehicle barriers solution even against protected vehicles.

Easy storage: Foldable units that can be easily stored, saving space and enabling easy access for future use.

Low maintenance costs: Once folded and stored, no special maintenance is required for the mobile vehicle barriers allowing an economic long-term solution.

Features: Ability to bring a light standard vehicle at a medium speed to a complete stop with minimal penetration. The Mobile Vehicle Barriers can be compactly packed and transported by any private vehicle, station wagon, small pick-up truck or jeep. All parts are identical and can be renewed, added or switched between several locations. Basic yellow color that can be altered according to client’s requested. The Mobile Vehicle Barriers Can be upgraded to reduce vehicle penetration distance by acquiring ground-anchors for the units using pyrotechnics, cable or any other physical anchoring.

Technical specifications: Dimensions (single unit) – length – 100 cm (40), width – 8 cm (3), height – 70 cm (27). Weight (single unit) – 20Kg (44lb). Provides a solution against farm tractors due to the geometric locking mechanism. Safety lighting and signs. Assembly/Disassembly instructions manual.

Add-ons: Anchoring devices. Specially suited carry-on bags.

MVB – Modular Vehicle Barrier:

•   Vehicle barrier
•   The need = portable barrier
•   The solution = diverting the momentum