Vehicles GSM/GPS Tracking | Fleet Management System | Inmate Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

Our Partner since 1985 is currently a major supplier and a manufacturer of GSM/GPS tracking devices and anti-theft /security solutions products.

With over 1,000,000 GSM/GPS units sold globally, Our partner keep developing products and innovations for fleet management systems, including systems to monitor and control fuel consumption, identify driving quality, remote connection to the vehicle’s computer for real-time data decoding, and most recently, the development of systems for emergency and post-collision assistance.

Most of our partner’s products are end-components for third-party control systems used for distance-control, communications, locating, protection and return of stolen vehicles through GPS- and cellular-based systems (SVR). They combine  deep technical know-how with hardware, software, RF engineering and integration experience.

Among its customers are some of the largest protection-and-return companies in the world and companies offering fleet management services. The company operates in many countries of Europe, South America, Africa, middle east as well as the United States.

Our Partner also manufacture future products for remote vehicle protection and control.

The GSM/GPS Fleet management & Security product line Includes:

Motocycle : a most attractive motorcycle designed device offering a full package of tracking, anti-theft alarm and accident alert (safety) including a very convenience hands-free proximity remote keyfobs. The eBike performs water and vibration proof and a very low power consumption. Concerning the motorcyclist safety, the eBike will immediately alert and page whenever accident is involved.

Sofisticated  equipments :The equipments we are offering are a comprehensive solution for vehicles and trucks including voice support and a wide range of peripheral accessories such as: DriverID (Dallas iButton or dash-board mount keypad), black-box for safety applications, harsh brake sensor, accident sensor, temperature monitoring, Analog/Digital interface, CANBus (J1939, FMS and J1708), Garmin interface (EDA) and more. 

 Asset Tracking TUBE: The new TUBE is designed as a “launch-n-forget” solution allowing up to 3Y of functioning without being charged.

Security Accessories: As market leaders of vehicle security components, we offer  a wide range of security solutions such as Alarms, Immobilizers, Detectors, Key-Pads and electronic keys.

Some of them:

Hands-Free Voice System

The equipment supports voice communication channel by integrating an ERM microphone, standard speaker and driver interface (either KeyPad or push-button)

Canalog Black-Box

STaRLink AVL via the LIN communication channel. The Canalog has a built in 3 Axis accelerometer, data memory unit and CANBus interface

External Device Communication Adapter (EDA)

The equipment  supports External Device integration by utilizing the RS232 EDA component. It is designed to support a specific customer’s device protocol, enabling Server to Client messaging


Panic Button

The equipment  supports panic button integration. Panic button can be integrated with the voice system or as stand alone. The result of panic button pressing is SOS alert either by GPRS or as SMS message.

Temperature sensor (Environment temperature)

The equipment  supports a dallas temperature i-button type. It can be integrated using the dallas input, reporting periodically about the environmental temperature.

Analog Fuel Sensor

The equipment  supports an analog fuel sensor. The fuel sensor is connected to the fuel float, the analog information is relayed to the STaRLink using the eNet communication wire

Mini Tracker

Waterproof rugged designed car & motorcycle AVL tracker

• Waterproof with built-in sensors for outdoor installation
• Ultra low power consumption & integrated alarm, ideal for motorcycle protection
• Embedded GSM & GPS antennas to optimize signal loss and isolate outside radio indifference
• 3 communication ports, enabling a wide range of peripheral accessories integration
• Modular software interface, ready for security and fleet management system customization
• STaRLink eBike for motorcycle Track-n-Protect solutions
• STaRLink AVL for vehicle’s Track-n-Trace solutions


Technical Specification

Components & Interface


European 900/1800 & American 850/1900 Quad-Band + optimized antenna


MTK chipset, 20 channels, active antenna, sensitivity -159 dBm, NMEA0183


TCP/IP over GPRS class 10, SMS messages, Voice (for voice module only)


10 pins connector, 2.5mm microphone jack

Input ports

4 inputs for general use. additional I/O’s with external HUB/junction box

Output ports

2-4 outputs for general use, active low, 800mA


2 Inputs using an external HUB/junction box, 0-12V

Power Supply

9-32V STaRLink AVL module, 8-16V STaRLink eBike module

Backup battery

Rechargeable, 3.6V, 950mAh (Li-Poly or Li-ion)

Car Interface

Ignition On/Off, Engine On/Off (by voltage), VSS, CANBus (FMS, J1939)

RF Receiver

433.92Mhz built in Receiver and remote controlled/proximity keyfobs


3 axis built-in sensor, 0.01G resolution, 4 directions accident detection

Alarm Trigger

Built-in shock sensor (eBike module)


OTA/Via Standard PC RS232 COM Port, parameters setup, software programming

Data Logger

up to 4000 messages


Current Consumption

Active mode: 20-30 mA

Low power mode (GPS off) < 10 mA

Power save mode (Standby) < 3.5mA (average)

Backup Battery operation:

48h (one report per hour)

Typical time to first fix

60 seconds


-20 to 55oC

Operating Temperature

Storage Temperature

-40 to 85oC


9.2cm x 6.5cm x 2.8cm

Weight (NET)



Water Proof, Vibration Proof

Max. Relative Humidity




Additional Accessories (eBike)

Remote Control

UFO proximity/hands-free type, water resistance, long battery lasting

Alarm Components

Piezo siren, start-kill relay, waterproof cover, turn signal relay (optional)

Additional Accessories (AVL)

Driver ID

Dallas iButton / numeric KeyPad


Remote controlled/anti-hijack LCA eNet alarm

eCall / eSafety

Canalog BalckBox with CANBus interface (FMS, J1939)


High sensitivity microphone, speaker and activation button/dialer


Dallas iButton type


Fuel theft and consumption adapter

Driver Terminal

Customized RS232 terminal/PND adapter

Accident Detector

Impact sensor, up to 8G detection (preset)

Software features


Text protocol, message structure customization

GPRS Roaming

Customized tracking profiles

SMS communication

Back-up for GPRS

SMS notification

Upon event, to a pre-defined cell numbers

SMS commands

Basic configuration parameters


Built-in polygon zones, unlimited coordinates


Time, distance, Hybrid ,turn change


I/O status, Power loss, Locations, Violations, Malfunctions


Malfunctions troubleshooting

Over The Air

Full scale configuration, firmware update (typical: 5 minutes over GPRS)





Motorcycle Tracker

Motorcycle Protection


eBike performs a powerful integrated Tracking and Security device, designed for motorcyclerugged enviromentproviding a comprehensive package of monitoring,  securityand rider safetycoverage.




• water and vibration proof
• very low power consumption
• built in inclination/movement and shock sensors
• track-n-trace• tow protection
• accident paging alert – to save valuable emergency time
• built in 433.92MHz receiver
• backup battery
• hands-free / proximity remote keyfob with auto-recognition
• siren, turn-signals and starter-kill kits (optional)
• SMS paging including location coordinates for self tracking
• storage mode: for battery management
• easy installation
• rider-machine interface
• reduced slim housing box

TheeBikesystem revolutionizes a comprehensive package consists of theft protection and accident alert for maximum motorcycle security andrider safety.

Theft protection
The eBike perform a best rider-machine interface: hands-freeoperation using a proximity keyfob,
through a fully featured alarm andtheft protection utilizing tracking and tracing capabilities,cellular text paging alerts (to a target cell-number), allwhile consuming low power and enforcing your bike guarantee.Accident paging alert

The eBike Shares responsibilityfor your life!
Riding a motorcycle could bedangerous: Sharp leaning, over speeding as for other reasonsleading to an accident or a crash. Also, when sliding off the road,away from anybody’s attention, theeBike accident warning feature willtake care to alert immediately acall-center or a target cell-number.Sometimes alerting just in timecould save your life!
The accident alert is activatedonce the X-Y-Z accelerometer axis, bike speed and ignitionstatus are all calculated toprevent any false operation.


Canalog FMS

Canalog FMS – Product overview
• Accident detection and alert (side, front or back).
•BlackBox data recorder.
•CANBus FMS, J1939, J1708 Analysis.
•Driving type levels rules (two levels ) mainlyused for driver behaviour.

Technical Specification

CANBus FMS, J1939, J1708 Analysis.
When connecting to the J1939 or FMS CAN-BUS interface,the Canalog may periodically provide driving information for a more economic (efficient) driving analysis.
•The reported data block is collected from three differentsources:
CAN-BUS (J1939/FMS protocol)
3D Accelerometer
Accident detection and alert (side, front or back )
•Generate an accident alert as it is triggered by the3D accelerometer sensor.
When one of the 6 axis (-X, +X, -Y, +Y, -Z or +Z) isexceeding the predefined threshold, the accident alert isbeen generated.
•Upon accident detection, the STaRLink will send “accidentevent”.


BlackBox data recorder 
•The Canalog stores a total BlackBox data recording of 70seconds: 30 seconds prior the accident event and additional40 seconds after in intervals of 10 ms.

Driving type levels rules (two levels) mainly usedfor driver behaviour

•Allows the Canalog to report upon any deviation applies tothe predefined levels (set of rules) of the axis(+X, -X, +Y, -Y, +Z, -Z).

•2 levels are available.