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Intelligent Telematics System


How It Works ?
Our tracking and Fleet Management software enables
construction/agriculture/Security companies/ Distributors
or any company to monitor their equipment. The Fleet
Management software provides an intuitive interface that
connects assets in the field to decision-makers in the office,
making it easy to evaluate construction operations and take
action in real-time and in several languages.
Each asset is equipped with a GPS Tracking device (the
“hardware”) that enable us to provide immediate location
and vital information. The system allows you to monitor
usage and condition of your Vehicles through a series of
features that include mapping, on-demand reports and
charts, unexpected activity e-mail or SMS notifications and
much more.

Key Features
• Helps centralize and simplify the management of on-site operations.
• Improves individual asset productivity.
• Reduces maintenance and fuel costs by tracking machine hours, mileage
and idle working time for more timely servicing
• Reduces overtime and increases employees productivity
• Provides peace of mind keeping you up-to-date on what is happening on
your construction site at all times
• Reduce operating costs and Improve your service.
• Prevent unauthorized vehicle use.
• Improve driver safety and reduce risk with Accident notifications.

Be Alerted & Respond Fast
• When something goes wrong on the road or on the site, immediate
notification helps you to manage the situation and respond to it. The
system instantly alerts you when it detects a predefined condition that
requires an immediate.
• Speeding Alert- Improve driver safety and fuel efficiency.
• Idling Alert- Cut fuel costs and reduce employee downtime.
• Geo-fence Alert- Monitor when your vehicles enter/exit a virtual perimeter around a geographic location.
• Motion Alert- Identify unauthorized vehicle use with instant alerts when your vehicles are utilized outside
of normal operating hours.
• E-call & B-Call Alert- Monitor when driver has an Emergency or Breakdown event.
• Analog Sensor Alert- Alerts for analog sensor measurements of temperature, tank pressure, fuel levels,
• Tampering Alert- Prevent tracking downtime due to driver tampering such as disconnecting the main
• Long Stop Alert – Keep your drivers on the move and on task.