Our company works in partnership with the top entities, trainers, instructors and professors from Israel.



We provide Seminars, Courses, Trainings, Preparation of special units, University Degrees (BA, MA, PHD, e-Learning) and courses (recognized by the ministry of Education of Israel)


The courses can be held in Israel or abroad.


We provide those services for 2 sectors: Government and Private.



Law enforcement

Counter-terror units


Security services

Intelligence agencies

Rescue teams

First Responders


Private Sector

Multinational corporations

Airline industry


Security companies

Banking system

Tourism industry



Below you will find 7 topics, with general information about some of our courses

1-     Some of The Trainings and special units preparation:

a)     Swat

b)     EOD

c)     K-9

d)     Anti-explosives

e)     Guerrilla and non-conventional warfare

f)      Hostage Negotiation

g)     Dignitary Protection

h)     Krav Maga

i)      Firearms and shooting

j)      VIP Security

k)     Intelligence and secret service

l)      Officers and Commander training Program (military and police)

m)   Tactical Medicine

n)     Virtual and scenarios trainings

o)     NBC & HLS

p)     Maritime Protection



2-     Krav Maga Courses and Seminars:

For all sectors of the military, law enforcement, VIP protection, special forces, counter-terror and other security personnel, including ongoing and in-service programs.

We emphasize: education and training programs are designed to create an integrated fighter-officer who will function appropriately under the most stressful conditions – using the most effective techniques and tactics with determination and situation-appropriate aggressiveness.

a)      General (Civilian) Instructors Course

b)     Fighter and Combatant Instructors Course

c)      Instructors courses for the military, law enforcement, special forces, close personal protection, air marshals, and other defense and security agencies

d)     Customized courses (for governmental units, security forces and civilians) in self-defense, fighting skills, defensive tactics, personal and dignitary protection, and CQB

e)      Establishment, Monitoring and Management of Training Systems

f)      Basic civilian courses and seminars

g)      Courses and seminars for a trainees with a martial arts background


3-     Firearms and shooting

Our Shooting and Firearms Division courses are led by high-level shooting instructors with real combat experience. Our instructors have taught and worked with combat units and officers of the Israel Defense Forces and other Israeli security agencies.

Courses on Firearms Use: Pistols, Submachine Guns and Assault Rifles

  • Instructors and fighters courses of varying lengths
  • Courses for individual ranking officers and entire units

Sample Course Topics: Pistol Shooting

  • Procedures, Safety and Precautions
  • Instinctive Pistol Shooting
  • Pistol Use, Operation and Skills: From Drawing to Holstering
  • Pistol Operation with One or Two Hands
  • Shooting from Different Positions and Postures
  • Overcoming Firearm Stoppages and Malfunctions
  • Multiple Targets
  • Shooting Behind Cover, “Opening Corners” and Tactics
  • Covering Distances
  • Improving Fitness
  • Functioning Under Stress; Improving Mental Skills
  • Integration of Shooting with Krav Maga Solutions for Close-Range Situations
  • And much more.


4-    Operational driving training – includes the subjects of:

  • Safe driving procedures and risk reduction
  • Leaving and returning to the road surface at high speed.
  • Braking with and without ABS and spinning control.
  • Emergency Braking and Evasive Maneuvers.
  • Reversing and going with and into a “U” spin.
  • Reversing and going with and into a “J” spin.
  • Reversing and going with a sliding vehicle.
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Forces Acting on the Vehicle (ramming).


5-     Tactical medical solutions to the Military, Law Enforcement and Security teams.


With a growing need of tactical medical care, our partner was established in order to supply custom made medical solutions to its clients regarding their special needs and challenges. Having served in the Israeli Special Forces, and while holding vast knowledge in the Close Protection field our Paramedics gained unprecedented experience in tactical medical treatment and worldwide training.
The personnel proven experience includes:

  • Providing medical consulting to various organizations
  • Conducting worldwide training in tactical medicine
  • Special Forces Training, SWAT Training, Close Protection Training and Advanced medical Team Training
  • Supplying Medical Equipment to the military, Governmental bodies, Police Forces and Multinational Companies.
  • Leading Complex Medical projects in Israel and Abroad
  • Establishing Medical Units, Special Forces Unit and other Units
  • Supplying medical escorting and Close Protection (CP) to Multinational Corporate Executives, Celebrities and High Net Worth Individuals

Our Approach

We use unique scenario-based simulation programs. With the growing demand to train under real combat scenarios, our instructors will customize the simulated scenario to the specific needs of each client.

The instructors use only state-of-the-art equipment and simulation kits, in accordance with TCCC protocols and in addition to their own individual experience from international Special Ops, Close Protection Operations and Medical Operations. With proper training, survivability can improve up to 20%. in addition, trainees’ will improve their confidence while treating real injuries that may be encountered in the battlefield.

6-     Courses, Certifies and Academic Studies (BA, MA, PHD, e-learning):

a)      Certified Homeland Security Manager (CHSM)

b)     Certified Critical Infrastructure Protection Specialist (CCIPS)

c)      Certified Counter Terrorism Specialist (CCTS)

d)     Certified Emergency Management Specialist (CEMS)

e)      Certified Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Manager (CEOCM)

f)      Information Technology Manager’s Certificate Program

g)      Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) + Security Program

h)     Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) + Security Program

i)       Project Management Specialist Certificate Program

j)       Certified Site Safety and Health Inspector (CSSHI)

k)     Certified Internal Investigation Officer (CIIO)


7-     The Counter-Terrorism Studies Program

Program Content


The Counter-Terrorism Studies Program

Combines academic study, simulations, workshops and on-site briefings. The courses provide concentrated, in-depth exposure to the phenomenon of modern terrorism and its characteristics, modus operandi, scope and dissemination throughout the world. In addition, participants will obtain an understanding of the challenge this phenomenon presents to decision makers, security establishments, first responders and the business sector, based on the experience Israel has accumulated in the field. Circumstances have forced Israel to develop sophisticated counter-terrorism strategies and techniques and to amass extensive knowledge regarding terrorism. The program will allow participants from around the globe to benefit from Israel’s experience and advanced international counter-terrorism efforts. (Independent, state-sponsors of terrorism, charitable organizations, funds, crime). The course will also examine financing from the viewpoint of the terror organizations – religious law authorization and fundraising efforts in a hostile and changing environment (the counter-financing campaign). Also presentation of test cases and their analysis – Hezbollah, Global Jihad.


Fourth Generation Warfare

As warfare between states is gradually superseded by warfare between governments and non-state actors, the nature of warfare itself is changing. This shift is accompanied by the growing provenance and effectiveness of terrorism as a method of resolving political conflicts. This course will deal with three aspects of the shift of conflict from the military sphere to the home front-intelligence gathering, counter-radicalization, and home-front preparedness. The course will examine the development of terrorism in information space and how the counter-terrorism community can exploit the terrorist presence in cyberspace for intelligence operations.


Counter-Terrorism (CT) Issues and Challenges for Homeland Security

The course will deal with current and future trends and patterns in terrorism, as well as levels of cooperation between police, military and civilian agencies, intelligence analysis and dissemination, preparing for CBRN terrorism and terrorist exploitation of the internet and other media.


Eleven Years Following the 9/11 Attacks: Where do we stand? What needs to be done?

This course examines the nexus of terrorism, counterterrorism and homeland security. It is intended

to acquaint students with the dynamics, policy options, and challenges involved in countering terrorism and defending the homeland and by doing so, to establish a solid foundation upon which further expertise can be built.

The course will include among others, the following issues: “Where do we Stand against Al Qaeda, 11 Years Following the 9/11 Attacks”, “Do-It-Yourself Terrorism: Countering Homegrown Terrorism in the United States and Europe”, “Dilemmas in Homeland Security Policy: Transportation, Aviation and Maritime Terrorism” and “Post-Modern Terrorism: Assessing the Threat of Nuclear Terrorism”.


8-     Other Academic Courses


Modern Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Strategies

The course will explore the phenomena of modern

and post-modern terrorism, including definitions, the

connections between terrorism, media and public

opinion, and specific modus operandi, such as suicide

terrorism and non-conventional terrorism. It will also

include: intelligence, offensive and defensive measures,

deterrence, punitive and legal measures and

international cooperation.


Terrorist Groups and Radicalization

The course is composed of two modules. The first module will examine the life cycle and nature of

terrorist groups. Topics include terrorist group origin and decline, group structure and logistics, recruitment, training, tactics, and innovation. The module employs both theoretical and case study approaches. The second module examines terrorist threats and challenges by exploring the phenomena and threats of modern radicalization processes within Muslim communities and examining the use of ideological, educational and social aspects of radical Islam for the recruitment and support of terrorist jihad organizations.


Financing Terrorism – The Threat and the Response

The course will deal with the financing of terror organizations and Global Jihad in three parts:

The nature of the threat and the sources of financing


9-     M.A. Courses in Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security Studies (16 hours)

National Security

Terrorism, Guerilla Warfare and Insurgency Ideologies in the 19th – 21st centuries

Democratic Dilemmas and Counter Terrorism

Counter Terrorism Issues and Challenges for Homeland Security

Post-Modern Terrorism – CBRN

Negotiation with Terrorists – Workshop

Psychological Aspects of Terrorism

Terrorism Fundraising


Electives (10 hours):

All M.A. courses at IDC Herzliya may be taken as electives. Recommended

electives for Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security Studies include:

Theories and Approaches to Politics

The Political System of Israel

Economic and Social Policy

Political Leadership

Conflict Analysis and Resolution

Diplomacy and Conflict in the Era of Globalization

Public Administration and Policy

Marketing Foreign Policy

M.A. Specializations (3 semesters)

Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security Studies,

Diplomacy and Conflict Studies


M.A. with thesis program (4 semesters)


10-     e-Learning: The Online Course on Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism


The course “Modern Terrorism and Counter- Terrorism Strategies” will address:

- The Suicide Terrorism Phenomenon

- Terrorism, the Media and Public Opinion

- Terrorism Strategy and Tactics

- State Sponsored Terrorism

- Global Jihad and Terrorist Network

- Democratic Dilemmas in Combating Terrorism