We supply Armored and Bullet Proof Vehicles: 4×4, Trucks, Cars, Helicopters, Airplanes, etc. for the Civil, Homeland Security and Defense Sectors.

We work with major manufacturers and suppliers worldwide thus we have: new branded, on stock and specially designed.

Below are just some samples

Presentation Armored and Bullet Proof Vehicles





Bullet Proof B6 Ford F550 Luxury Bus




Ford F550 LAVPV B6



11 1011121314

AType Trailer




1. Trailer: Sturdy road trailer, steel frame, single axle. steel canopy opens by pneumatic pistons,
latch + locks. Four retractable stabilizing feet. Standard towing lock.
Fully galvanized steel + external paint.
2. Generator: HONDA model 6500 scx. Electric starter, gasoline motor, large 21 liter tank;
Quiet operation (external ventilation). 5800 watts rated, voltage regulated 220v.
Volt meter, AC circuit breaker, pilot lamp, fuel gauge, oil sensor + safety engine breaker.
3. Electric: Safe electric switchboard: 4 output sockets to power rescue tools + 6 circuit breakers
(for projectors & sockets). With transparent covers, IP-54 waterproof rated.
12v H.D battery to start generator & supply emergency lighting.
H.D. polyurethane spiral cables supply power to the projectors through waterproof connectors.
12 volt sockets (for chargers & extra spotlights). 50m extension 220v cable on reel.
4. Light tower: Manually operated telescopic mast, chrome-plated steel, 5.30 meter extended.
Horizontally anchored inside trailer during transport, manually tilted by lever handle before
operation. Two Quartz-Halogen floodlights, 1500w each, pan-and-tilt maneuverable.

5. Mobile light tripod: hand operated mast 5.10 meter extended, chrome plated steel.
Two interchangeable lighting sets: 2x1000w halogen, & 3x150w (12v) spotlights, inc. electric cables
6. Accessories: (a) Tool box with extra lamps & tools (b) Extra 10 liter gasoline can (ex-proof)
{c} First aid kit (d) jack, shovel, fire extinguisher (e) internal lighting.
7. Safety: Reflective strips all-round, standard road backlights.
8. Options: P/A (public address system); Military Xenon type spotlights; Rescue equipment;
Pneumatic masts to 6.50 – 11.80 meters. (Options supplied at extra cost).
All technical data are subject to change without notice.